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Beyonce Wants to Help You Meal Plan, With the Help of Artificial Intelligence


Meal planning is one of the hardest healthiest habits to master. Maybe we should all just let Beyoncé do it for us?

She’s up for the task, having recently launched a new addition to her 22 Days Nutrition vegan food business called “Meal Planner.”

Queen Bey has long touted the benefits of a vegan diet, and she partnered with her nutritionist Marco Borges to bring vegan food to the music-loving masses years ago. This new addition to the program is unique in that according to Forbes, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help recommend recipes, create grocery lists, and generally help you succeed at eating healthy.

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Beyonce vegan meal plan

“Meals are recommended based on a user’s individual preferences and habits (which can be modified at any time). Meals are also recommended based on what other people with similar preferences like to eat. As it gets to know the user and his or her preferences, the meal planner becomes smarter and smarter over time,” Forbes reports.

It’s a pretty high-tech approach to eating vegetables and seems like it could be really helpful, since fitting food into your existing habits is much easier than totally changing them.

And if Westworld has made you fear all machines that can learn as they go? In this case, a rebelling robot would likely just recommend a burger, and you’d totally know something was up.

(Photos: 22 Days Nutrition)

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