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3 Easy Healthy Dinners When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

You’ve got your ezekial toast and natural pb down pat for a healthy breakfast.


You pack a greek yogurt with blueberries and granola as a healthy snack.


You even stay on track and grab a spinach salad with grilled chicken from your favorite lunch spot near the office.


Maybe in the afternoon you graze a little bit, or even cave and grab something from the vending machine, but come dinner? That’s a whole different story, and it’s where your healthy diet completely unravels.


Whether you’re late getting home, in a rush, or even just tired and not wanting to stop for groceries, there are so many reasons why it often seems like a better idea to leave the cookbook on the shelf. Trust me, I’ve been there!


But there are lots of easy healthy dinners you can whip together so you can avoid another night with a visit from the pizza delivery guy.


3 Easy Healthy Dinners When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking


They aren’t gourmet by any means. But what they are is fast – without being fast food. They’re also super practical, easy, and require minimal cooking.



Every meal doesn’t NEED to be gourmet. Try to use your freezer and your pantry for things other than ice cream and cereal bars! You’re sick of chinese food takeout anyway, right?


Create new takes on these easy healthy dinners and you can stay on your healthy track EVERY night!


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