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3 Healthy, Delicious Desserts that Don’t Require an Oven

On a hot summer day, just the thought of turning on the oven can make you sweat. That’s where no-bake desserts come in.

Sure, you’re likely fulfilling your ice cream quota for the year, too, but it’s nice to have other options when it comes to sweet summer treats.

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Especially since these desserts are all naturally gluten-free and made with superfood ingredients like matcha, chia seeds, and dark chocolate.

Whip one up in just a few minutes, and you’ll be calm, cool…and satisfied (or yearning for just one more matcha bite…).

3 No-Bake Desserts

Super Seedy Freezer Cookies

Created by our resident genius gluten-free baker Solana Nolfo, these cookies take full advantage of the crunchy, nutrient-dense power of seeds.

no-bake desserts

Coconut Matcha Bites

Eat one of these as an afternoon snack for non-jittery energy via matcha (plus delish flavor via coconut and maple syrup).

Banana Pops

These classic treats are as easy as it gets (and will be a crowd pleaser with the kids, too). Just dip bananas in really good dark chocolate, add crunchy, salty almonds or peanuts, freeze, and enjoy.