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A Top Physician’s Number One Tip for Getting Pregnant


Thinking about getting pregnant in the near future? You can obviously learn a lot about optimizing fertility from a good doctor.

But Robin Berzin, MD, is much better than good. Dr. Berzin is a top practitioner of functional medicine, a holistic, forward-thinking approach to health that prioritizes prevention and looks at the root causes of disease instead of just treating symptoms. And her practice, Parsley Health, leverages technology to make that kind of comprehensive care available to more people.

Because of her approach, when Dr. Berzin thinks about fertility, she thinks about the many things going on in your totally unique body that could be affecting whether or not you’ll get pregnant.

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Sure, taking a prenatal vitamin is important, but her most important tip is about getting off hormonal birth control in advance in order to start rooting out and addressing any underlying hormonal imbalances the pill, shot, or IUD may be masking.

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Why is this so important, when should you do it, and how can it help you get pregnant more easily? Watch the two-minute video below for her best baby-making advice (and then have some fun practicing…wink wink, nudge nudge).

Dr. Robin Berzin’s #1 Tip for Optimizing Fertility

Parsley Health takes a smarter, whole approach to helping you live a healthy life. You deserve a better doctor. Sign up here to speak to a health expert to figure out how Parsley Health can help you achieve your goals today.

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