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4 Fun, Easy Ways to Take Your Workout Outside



As a trainer and fitness model in Miami, I know a little bit about sun, fun and long summer days, and I absolutely love taking advantage of outdoor workouts.

Did you know that being in nature has been scientifically proven to boost both your mental and physical well-being? An open-air sweat session will help get your body and spirit in check, with no equipment needed.

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Whether you’re gearing up for summer or live somewhere that’s perpetually warm, I want to encourage all of you to take your sweat sessions outside. Find a beach, a lake, or a park nearby and embrace Mother Nature with open (flexed) arms.

Here are my favorite ways to work out outside.

4 Ways to Embrace Outdoor Workouts

outdoor workouts

1.Say Hello to Sun Salutations

Bring a yoga mat to the park or beach to flow your way to fit. Feel the sun on your face and the sea breeze tickling your body as you move from pose to pose. If you don’t have a yoga sequence memorized, simply bring your phone or tablet and find a YouTube video like this or this one to help guide you. You can also opt to practice right on the sand for added, core-strengthening stability training.

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outdoor workouts

2. Use a Park Bench or Picnic Table

A bench or picnic table may look innocent enough, but either one can really take your workout to the next level. Use the incline to your advantage by using either for tricep dips or step-ups during a HIIT session or during a barre workout for balance and stability.

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outdoor workouts

3. Make a Splash

Swimming is one of the best low-impact forms of exercise you can do. You can increase your cardiovascular endurance by swimming for distance, but you can also increase your strength by using water for resistance training. One of the hardest shoots I have ever done was this pool-workout. Give it a try ASAP!

outdoor workouts

4. Develop Strength in the Sand

Like water, sand adds resistance and challenges your stability. Start on wet sand for a firm and more stable base and work your way up to dry sand as your strength and endurance increases. Make sure the sand is as level as possible and wear protective gear if the sand is hot.

Ready? Step outside the gym or studio and let your city be your playground. All you need is yourself, some sunshine, and a place to move that beautiful body of yours.

outdoor workouts


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