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How Can I Use My Nutritious Life Certification?



Are you looking to change or improve your life, or help others do the same?  The Nutritious Life Studio (NLS) is Keri Glassman’s passion project to do just that.

“It has been an honor to work with so many talented people who share my dream of helping as many people as possible live their most Nutritious Lives,” Keri says. “The Nutritious Life Studio has helped students become healthier versions of themselves and given them the education and guidance they need to coach others to do the same.”

If you are thinking about making a change in your life—maybe you want to begin a new career in health and wellness or maybe you want to find new inspiration in your existing one—then becoming Nutritious Life Certified might be your perfect first step.

If you’re wondering how you could use your Nutritious Life Certification, here are a few ways it may help you achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of. We want to see your dream become a beautiful reality.

Registered Dietitians

So many registered dietitians put in long hours in the classroom and hard work throughout their Dietetic Internship to achieve their RD credentials, but many still desire more career direction. Many RDs begin working in hospitals, but want to learn how to counsel clients on a more personal level outside the hospital. Some are already privately counseling clients, but struggle on the business side to build their practice and referral bases, while others are new to the field and need to learn how to effectively communicate with clients by turning confusing science into relatable lessons. Becoming Nutritious Life Certified can help each of these types of Registered Dietitians become better at what they do and give them the direction they need for a more successful and fulfilling career.

Fitness + Athletic Coaches, Yoga + Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers

We can’t tell you how many group fitness and personal trainers have asked us for the best resources to use with their clients to address the nutrition component of their sessions. After all, a healthy diet goes hand in hand with regular exercise! The Nutritious Life Certification teaches trainers research-based nutrition straight from an expert so they can be confident they are giving their clients proper advice. It also gives them an edge up on their competition, since more often than ever clients want trainers who have a reputable nutrition certification. This allows trainers the flexibility to offer separate nutrition consultations, more comprehensive training sessions, and/or the ability to create the most effective full meal plans for their clients who have specific goals and need a diet plan to reach those goals.

Life Coaches and Health Coaches

Often Life Coaches and Health Coaches address a wide breadth of issues of their clients and they need a variety of certifications to be able to address specific needs. Being Nutritious Life Certified gives them a premier education when it comes to nutrition, and they will undoubtedly become better overall counselors by learning from Keri’s principles. Coaches will also learn how to grow their businesses and gain more clients for long-term success. Our students who completed other certification programs before joining The Nutritious Life Studio have described it as the perfect complement to fill any gaps, answer any questions, and give them a roadmap.

Massage Therapists and Other Spa Specialists

Those in the business of helping others live healthy lives can greatly benefit from understanding how nutrition complements their efforts. Many massage therapists and spa specialists perform treatments on clients interested in nutrition counseling, allowing this certification to go hand in hand with their efforts. Upon becoming Nutritious Life Certified, specialists will be well-prepared to guide clients on healthy lifestyle modifications and support them in their endeavors.


With so many consumers becoming health conscious, culinary arts experts are turning to nutrition education to become more current, more creative, and healthier in the kitchen. Whether working in a restaurant or a private home, chefs are constantly having to accommodate special dietary and allergy requests. The Nutritious Life Studio offers chefs the education to understand various dietary requests and how to best fulfill them. It also offers them a wealth of information that will no doubt help them become more creative in menu planning and more up to date on trends in the health and nutrition world.

Stay-At-Home Moms

Who says you need to work outside of the home to be able to benefit from the Nutritious Life certification? Not us! Being the CEO of a family is one of the hardest jobs around, especially when you have a spouse with a food allergy, a toddler who will only eat things that are white, a teenager who eats too much junk food, and everything in between. Many moms tell us that they end up cooking three different meals to please everyone and then only have time to nibble off their kids’ plates or eat snacks out of a bag all day. Whatever the case may be, moms will get the education, motivation, and support they need to live their most Nutritious Life, as well as provide one for their families, no matter how many ages and issues surround their dinner tables.

Writers, Editors and Bloggers

What better way to be an expert in the health and wellness field than to learn from the premier expert in nutrition? As someone who is turned to for health and nutrition advice all across America, Keri helps explain the science behind so many stories consumers want to hear about. Writing stories and producing segments about health and nutrition becomes so much easier when you have the background science and foundation to support your points. As a Registered Dietitian and author, Keri knows all about what it takes to excel in the creative and media world with roots in nutrition.

Nurses and Medical Professionals

Those in the business of helping others live healthy lives can greatly benefit from understanding how nutrition complements their efforts. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are constantly exposed to the effects of poor nutrition and many of their patients look to them for nutrition advice. The Nutritious Life Certification provides the background necessary to properly guide patients to prevent and treat disease, as well as inform them on current nutrition education information. Students will also be able to connect with other like-minded individuals through the Become a Nutrition Coach (BNC) community to further support their goals and endeavors in the field.

Career Changers

Who says you have to sit at a desk for the rest of your career? There’s no sense in spending your days doing something you just don’t like. The Nutritious Life Studio is an enthusiasm-based and passion-led course that shows students the ins and outs of good nutrition and business practices in the field of health and nutrition. Upon becoming Nutritious Life Certified you will be able to guide and support clients to live their healthiest lives!

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