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6 Surprising Fruits and Vegetables You Can Throw on the Grill

By Emma Stessman

Corn has long reigned supreme as the go-to veggie for backyard barbecues. Many people also slide peppers and onions onto skewers with chunks of meat.

But there are all kinds of other super tasty, nutrient-rich veggies (and fruits!) that you might not be considering when you fire up the grill.

Perfect for serving alongside shrimp kebabs, grass-fed burgers or on their own for a plant-based pool party, all of them cook really well on the grill so you don’t have to go anywhere near the stove.

Try adding these grill-friendly fruits and vegetables to the menu for your next barbecue.

6 Grill-Friendly Fruits and Vegetables

  • Pineapple

    This is one of the easiest things to make on your grill, according to Jessica in the Kitchen. Simply slice the pineapple into one-inch pieces and grill on high heat for three minutes on each side. She suggests serving in a salad, in homemade salsa, or as a sweet burger topper.

  • Watermelon

    Is there anything that screams summer more than eating watermelon at a barbecue? Well, maybe putting watermelon on the barbecue. The Food Network’s Alton Brown suggests treating cut watermelon squares like fish or steak: Blot them with a paper towel to remove moisture and brush with oil before grilling.

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  • Green Beans

    While you don’t need a grill basket to make these, Michael Ruhlman says it makes the process a whole lot easier. Toss the beans with olive oil and minced garlic before putting on the grill. To turn up the heat flavor-wise, try adding dried red chili flakes.

  • Avocado

    The key to making Instagram’s favorite fruit even more picture perfect? Add grill marks. Plus, it’ll give the avocado a whole new delicious smoky flavor. Avocados stick to the grill pretty easily, so Mississippi Kitchen suggests removing them with a spatula instead of tongs to keep the charred look in tact.

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  • Romaine

    Amanda Paa of Heartbeet Kitchen says this technique could be just the thing to convert any salad naysayers at your next barbeque. Slice the head of lettuce lengthwise to keep the leaves connected. Brush with olive, sprinkle with salt, and grill for about five minutes flipping halfway. To really make the flavors pop, drizzle with lemon juice.

  • Cauliflower

    This veggie can serve as a side or be the star of a plant-based party spread. Cut the cauliflower into “steaks” and brush with olive oil and salt before popping on the grill. Try Well Plated’s method and add a little bit of honey or agave to each side for nice caramelization.

    And after you dig in, try these tips to clean your grill without worrying about the dangers of using a wire brush.

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