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What Fitness Star Brett Hoebel Eats to Fuel Lots of Capoeira and AcroYoga

You may know fitness star Brett Hoebel as the creator of The 20-Minute Body, which is both a book and a video series.

But he’s a whole lot more than a guy who commands you to squat and lunge through high-intensity intervals. (For example, at The Nutrition School’s Masterclass in Santa Monica, he had everyone on their feet learning Brazilian capoeira moves seconds after he arrived.) So it’s no surprise that he says if he had to name his diet, he’d call it “#wholelottalove.”

“Whole foods are the nutrition game-changer for most people,” he says. “You also have to prepare and cook many whole foods, which changes your relationship to food.” And speaking of relationships, he really is the kind of trainer who shows a heck of a lot of love, via “hugs, eye contact, and authenticity.” (We can really attest to this—Keri has known him since she opened her first office 15 years ago!)

How does Hoebel stay fit, motivated, and happy at home? He shared his secrets, below.

Brett Hoebel

How Does Brett Hoebel Live a Nutritious Life?

What’s your go-to breakfast? Green smoothie with plant-based protein powder or tofu scramble with broccoli and mushrooms.

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Your go-to workday lunch? Homemade veggie burger with hummus and quinoa and green salad.

Your go-to workday dinner? Homemade veggie burrito with tofu or tempeh, steamed spiced veggies.

What’s the one food you always have in your fridge? Avocado.

The one food you’d never buy? Coke.

The snack you always have with you when traveling? Trail Mix.

What do you eat before and after a workout? I prefer training on an empty stomach, so I don’t each much prior. I’ll always have a non-caffeinated electrolyte drink before and during training. Immediately post-workout I always have a shake with plant-based protein powder and recovery proteins including Branched Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine (amino acid).

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Your favorite food indulgence? NYC Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with the middle pulled out, double toasted, creamy peanut butter and double strawberry jelly. It weighs like two pounds.

Other than water, what do you sip regularly? I like my Health-Ade kombucha a lot!

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How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? 5-6 days a week. capoeira, boxing, yoga, Acroyoga, weights, HIIT.

How do you stay active outside the gym? Capoeira and AcroYoga. There are a lot of events to go to in the capoeira community. Our group is headed to San Fran soon, and I was just at our headquarters is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I also started AcroYoga which is a gymnastic form of couples yoga, and it’s tough!

What’s your go-to tool for managing stress? Working out.

How do you pamper yourself when you need it? Aromatherapy massage!

Do you have a favorite health gadget? Tabata timer app. It keeps me focused, motivated, and disciplined in my workouts, especially my HIIT workouts.

What’s your weirdest healthy habit? 100-day Gong, where I commit to eliminating a vice for 100 days. Qi Gong practitioners do a version of this where they do the same meditation for 100 days…if they miss a day, they have to start over!

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Learning the berimbau instrument for capoeira.

Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Massage.
A hot shower or a soothing bath? Hot shower.
Almond butter or peanut butter? Peanut butter…come on.
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
A long run outside or a dark spin class? Dark spin class.

(Photos: Brett Hoebel)

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