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5 Smart Reasons to Eat Eggs Every Day

Created in partnership with Pete and Gerry’s.

There are some healthy foods you eat seasonally, like spring veggies when the sun comes out and sweet potatoes during the fall. Other healthy foods make sense based on the occasion, like organic tortillas on taco night and popcorn on movie night.

But eggs? Eggs are the kind of food you can eat every. single. day.

It’s not just that they’re delicious. They’re incredibly nutrient-dense. And no matter your kitchen skillset, you can do a million things with them. Scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, baked…the options are nearly limitless.

The key is choosing the best eggs, which is why we teamed up with Pete and Gerry’s.

Started by a family that has been raising happy chickens for three generations, Pete and Gerry’s now sells free-range and organic eggs from a network of more than 120 small family farms. When you choose their cartons, you know the hens were happy (not stuffed in tiny cages), the eggs are healthier, and the farmers are making a living.

Pete and Gerry’s also recently filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration to change the government guidelines so that eggs can be labeled “healthy.”

We’re supporting that effort wholeheartedly for these five reasons (to name a few!), below.

eggs health benefits

5 Reasons to Eat Eggs Every Day

1. Eggs are filled with protein

One large egg contains about six grams of protein, meaning eating just a few will provide satiety. This is especially great if you’re a vegetarian and are looking for meatless protein sources.

2. Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D

You know, the sunshine vitamin? It can be hard to get enough when you’re working inside all day AND doing your best to avoid skin cancer. Get the vitamin—which is essential for bone health since it helps your body absorb calcium—from eggs, instead. Bonus: Eggs also contain other hard-to-find vitamins like B12 and K.

3. Eggs are good for your brain (and baby)

Eggs are an amazing source of choline, a micronutrient that is used to make a neurotransmitter that’s important for learning and memory. It’s also involved in the methylation cycle, which affects energy and mood, and has been shown to regulate inflammation. Finally, choline is essential for pregnant women since it’s important for fetal and infant brain development.

4. It’s easier than ever to get high-quality eggs

If you’re concerned about the humane treatment of animals, eating eggs used to be dicey. Who could argue keeping a hen in a cage so small it can’t turn around isn’t cruel? Companies like Pete and Gerry’s have changed that, giving you a better option. Pete and Gerry’s is committed to Certified Humane free-range egg production across all of its product lines, which means its hens have ample outdoor space to roost, scratch, and do whatever else hens do.

5. Eggs won’t raise your cholesterol

Yes, eggs contain cholesterol. No, they won’t raise your blood cholesterol levels or increase your risk for heart disease. Get the facts on that old line of thinking, here. Avoid trans fats and sugar, instead, and crack open an egg for an omelette.


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