Moms are always giving advice.

Sometimes their wisdom is welcome and so desperately needed (along with a hug). Sometimes it drives us crazy. But very often, we look back on the things our mothers told us and think, “Ooohhh, that’s what she was talking about!”

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So, since we’re all about passing down a healthy, happy lifestyle, we thought we’d celebrate Mother’s Day this year by asking our Nutritious Life Studio community to share some of the best (and funniest!) wellness tips they’ve gotten from their moms.

Maybe you recognize a few?

The Best Health Advice I Got From My Mom Was …

“Most of my mom’s health and wellness reminders were (and are!) about drinking water. Lots and lots of water. She also likes to nudge me about the vital importance of stressing a whole lot less. We’ve had countless phone conversations where I end up tuning out just a wee bit when she starts rambling about cortisol; I might not always listen, but she is always right!”

—Solana Nolfo, culinary health coach + nutritious baker,

“Smile and be nice to everyone because you never know what people are going through. I’ve watched her my whole life treat anyone she meets like a friend, addressing them by name if they’ve got a name tag on, complimenting something beautiful about them. And people just light up. My Mom always says, ‘You’ve only got today. How do you want to spend it?’ She emphasizes how quickly life goes by and to not waste it on shitty thoughts, friends, or situations, or on depriving yourself of a delicious chocolate chip cookie.”

—Jill Anenberg Lawrence, holistic nutritionist,

“My mom raised me with severe food allergies, so her best tip was always, ‘If you can’t read it, don’t eat it!’ It’s definitely not general health/wellness advice, but has kept me safe without ever needing to use my emergency epinephrine for almost 30 years!”

—Chelsey Amer, RD,

“That a glass of red wine really is a quality source of antioxidants. :)”

—Colleen Sheehan, Nutritious Life

mom advice

“This isn’t from my mom, but from a friend with grown kids given to me when I was a new mom: Even when it seems like nothing is getting through, keep talking about and demonstrating what you believe in. Eventually, you’ll see it in your children’s own actions, and you’ll know that they heard you! So meaningful to a new momma wanting to do her best!”

—Alexi Sherrill, fitness and nutrition coach,

“For me, it’s less about what she said and more about what she did. She always, always put her kids first. To this day, she’d cancel anything, walk 3,000 miles, do whatever she had to just to spend time with her kids. Being a present mom makes me feel like my healthiest and happiest self, and that I definitely got from my mom.”

—Keri Glassman, Founder of Nutritious Life

“My mom was always reading about nutrition and got a lot of tips from the early nutrition pioneer Adele Davis. From Davis she learned that cooking with trans fats like Crisco was bad for your health—way back in the 70s and 80s!”

—Jeanette Kimszal, RD,

“My mom was always reminding us of how grateful we (me and my siblings) should be for everything we had, especially when we didn’t have much. She stressed being thankful and appreciating the good in life constantly … which I now know is actually a behavior that’s scientifically correlated with better health. Thanks, mom!”

—Lisa Held, Nutritious Life

“My mom always said, ‘You are what you eat, so stay away from pig products.’ I should add that we grew up keeping kosher, so this made sense. :)”

—Jen Silverman, nutritionist and holistic health coach,

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