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How to Deal With Haters


My friend Natalie Jill and I sat down to talk about haters. Everyone’s got ’em, nobody wants ’em, but we all have to deal with them. Natalie has over a million Facebook fans, so if anyone knows how to deal with them, it’s her!

So if you’ve been trolled on the internet here’s how to deal with haters. And remember, we all have bad days. So if these 4 steps aren’t helping you on a bad day, there’s always tomorrow! We’ve all been there. ๐Ÿ™‚

How to Deal with Haters

1) Think about what you are posting and how it will make people feel. Is it encouraging? Is it uplifting? Will it make people feel better? Take yourself out of the moment of simply looking at something and posting, and go to the next level to realize how it will be received BEFORE posting.

2) Think about who is commenting. Are they just an internet troll? Are they looking for attention? Do they just feel bad about themselves and want to make others equally miserable? Rather than be angry if that is the case, try to understand the situation and feel compassion for them, rather than just hate back or put more negative energy into it. Remember, you can’t please everyone!

3) Think about what advice you would give others if they were the ones being “hated”. Sometimes if you can take yourself out of the emotional roller coaster and look at something from more of a birds eye view, it puts the situation into perspective and it’s easier to deal with. Often, it’s easier to let it go this way or find clarity before responding to the hate.

4) When all else fails, just remember that haters will always be around, and everybody has to deal with them. You’re not alone, and remember – for every hater out there who makes you feel bad, there are many more lovers out there who may just not be telling you how great you are when you need to hear it – but they do love you because you are AWESOME!

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