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Mealtime Meditation: 15 Minutes for Mindful Eating


If you’re trying to master the art of mindful eating, this meditation will definitely help.

Why eat mindfully?

When you’re eating mindlessly (AKA without thinking), your food choices are more likely to be emotional, and you’re more likely to overeat. In fact, there is plenty of scientific evidence that mindful eating is good for your health. One recent review of the available research on the connection between mindful eating and weight found that there’s a strong connection between eating mindfully and losing or maintaining a healthy weight.

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And meditation is an amazing tool for cultivating mindfulness.

How to Meditate for Mindful Eating

It’s one of many ways meditation can help you eat better, which is why we partnered with Unplug to bring you this series on Mealtime Meditation.

Created by Suze Yalof Schwartz in 2014, Unplug opened in Los Angeles as the first studio to make meditation simple and accessible for busy women living modern lives. (Think: the Drybar of meditation.) There are now two brick-and-mortar studios, but the team also launched an app that brings the fresh, modern approach to meditation to people all over the world.

Ready to give it a shot?

meditation for mindful eating

Try this 15-minute meditation for mindful eating with Cassandra Bodzak to “help you raise your consciousness around how and why and when you’re eating your food.” And stay tuned for more Mealtime Meditations, coming soon.


(Photos: Shutterstock, Unplug)

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