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Raising Healthy Eaters: 5 Things You Should Never Do


When it comes to raising healthy eaters, there are lots of little strategies you can employ to steer your kids in the right direction—from taking them grocery shopping to making vegetables as present as possible at every meal.

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But there are also things you really shouldn’t do.

The “don’ts” are common behaviors you may not even think twice about, but they can have a real impact on your kids.

Things like forcing them to finish their meals instead of teaching them how to understand their unique hunger cues. Or using food as the centerpiece of a reward system to encourage good behavior. (The last one is so prevalent it’s embedded in our culture. Give a crying kid a lollipop, right? Or promise them a cookie if they’ll just stop screaming in line at the bank?)

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In this video, Keri shares her top 5 “don’ts” for raising healthy eaters, why each is important, and how to avoid them. Watch her explain, below.

Raising Healthy Eaters: The Don’ts