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3 Ways Nutrition For Athletes Pertains to Everyone

I’m a diehard Olympic viewer. From hearing the national anthem to seeing the hard work and dedication of the athletes, it all makes me all mushy and patriotic.


Olympians train day in and day out and that means being super focused on what they eat. Nutrition for athletes is a unique thing, but we can all take a few tips from them.


Even if you’re not planning on becoming the next track star or top volleyball player like Allyson Felix or April Ross, you should know a thing or two when it comes to fueling for overall health and top performance.


3 Ways Nutrition For Athletes Pertains to Everyone


Eat the right foods – sans restriction: These ladies aren’t afraid to eat to their heart’s content when it comes to nutrient dense, unprocessed foods, especially their veggies.


They spend zero time fussing over calorie counting and instead put that energy into focusing on consuming the right foods. That’s something Nutritious Life is certainly on board with!


Be aware of your body: Both of these Olympians are in total agreement on this topic. When it comes to choosing what you eat, it’s important to focus on how that food makes you feel.


Nutrition for athletes means fueling for long lasting energy and top performance, which leaves no time for feeling bloated or weighed down after a heavy meal.


By listening to their bodies (another thing we promote at Nutritious Life) and eating in a way that makes them feel good, they maximize their energy and train their best.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: These Olympic athletes don’t taking hydration lightly! Volleyball player April Ross drinks over 100 ounces of water – before lunch!
While this isn’t necessary for most people who aren’t training at such an extreme level, it proves a good point: Hydration is key for rounding out your overall diet and health and for supporting a healthy metabolism.

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