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How Becoming Nutritious Life Certified Changed My Career


Before studying nutrition, I wanted to be healthy. I came across the same obstacles that you probably face…conflicting messages from the media, trouble socializing with my friends while maintaining my lifestyle, inconsistent workouts, and trying to find that healthy balance between loving healthy food without letting it become an obsession.

It’s taken about a decade of studying, but I’ve mastered the skills of healthy living and wellness and have a thriving company, The Well Necessities, and The Nutritious Life Studio was a key part of that journey.

My career began when I received my acceptance into Columbia University for my Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. For the first time in my life, I had worked hard for something I could have only dreamed of attaining. My passion came alive and I realized I had found my true purpose. I went on to complete my dietetic internship at North Shore LIJ (now NorthWell Health), where I honed my clinical and medical nutrition skills and learned to work with a diverse population. Once passing the RD exam, I opened my private nutrition counseling practice.

Still, I was missing some key skills that I thought The Nutritious Life Studio could provide, and it absolutely did. Here’s how:

The Business Flow!

When I started my practice, I felt very unsure and unorganized. TNS helped me figure out how to create structure.

Having Keri as a Go-To Source of Information.

With 15+ years of education under her belt, Keri has heard it all.  She has become a mentor, friend, and someone I can always email with to help with a client.

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The TNS Facebook Group

This is a very smart group of women who are eager to support each other.  From trainers to nutritionists, the group is filled with people who have had a variety of experiences and are willing to share their information.

Ongoing Education

Access to the class remains open and is constantly being updated with new information and guest speakers, so you really get what you pay for. Having TNS as a resource to refer to is very helpful for me to go and review information I am unsure of or to just pop in to hear from a new speaker. Even the handouts are great and so useful!


So, you want to follow Lisa’s lead?

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