Eat Empowered, Healthy Snacking Ideas

5 Healthy Snack Ideas That Require NO Skills


I’ll set the scene. It’s 4PM. Your morning coffee has worn off. Your lunch was 3 hours ago, dinner is at 7PM and you have 15 minutes before your meeting.

And, you’re about to crash hard. Must. Have. Fuel.

You always have a yogurt just about now, but . . .uch. You have no interest in it.

You’ve unenthusiastically had the same one for the past 3 days.

If this is you, right now, go ahead and eat it today (it’s better than the candy jar on your boss’s desk) but tomorrow try one of these 5 fab healthy snack ideas that need no skill and are ready in seconds.


5 Healthy Snack Ideas That Require NO Skills:


Healthy Trail Mix

Who doesn’t love a little somethin’ sweet and crunchy? Break out a bunch of tupperware and toss in 1 cup GMO-free air-popped popcorn, 1 ounce dried apricots (about 4, but double check with the packaging and make sure no added sugar or sulfur) and 10 almonds. Make a bunch to grab and go. Better yet, have your kids do it. Gorgeous fuel: calories 185, fat 6.5g, protein 4g, fiber 4.5g.

Eggs in a (Leafy) Blanket

If you can boil water, you can have hard boiled eggs anytime. Boil up a bunch on Sunday. Slice ‘em up in one quick step and eat ‘em on a romaine leaf, wrapped up like a little burrito. Voila. Two large hard boiled eggs on 2 romaine leaves serves up 157 calories, fat 11g, protein 12.5g, fiber 0.

Chickpeas + Chia

If unusual eats are what you crave, grab a green magic Mamma Chia Squeeze (loaded with omega-3s and fiber) and an ounce of roasted chickpeas. You can mix and match your chia squeeze and chickpea flavors (you can also buy these at the grocery if you don’t want to make them yourself) for endless excitement. No assembly required, you’ll refuel with 180 calories, fat 2g, protein 7g, fiber 9g.

Calming Oatmeal

If you are a self proclaimed stress eater, I have a perfect comfort snack that you can feel great about. OK, so you do need hot water, a bowl and spoon, but if you unleash a packet of high quality oatmeal into a mug, stir in some coconut chips and sprinkle with cinnamon, you’ll release some serotonin, and your fried brain will thank you: calories 245, fat 10g, protein 6g, fiber 8g. Bonus if you take deep breaths and enjoy slowly.

Avocado Lentil Boat

It doesn’t get healthier, more satisfying or easier than this, peops. Halve a small avocado. Fill with ¼ cup steamed lentils (you find them in the refrigerator section by the produce) and a squeeze of lemon. You can use ¼ cup prepared tabbouleh instead, if lentils are hard to come by. Avocado + lentils: calories 127, fat 7g, protein 5.5g, fiber 7g. Avocado + tabbouli: calories 169, fat 12g, protein 3g, fiber 5.5g

Covet your co-worker’s snacks no more.

Get out of your snoozers snacktime rut. If any of these 5 delicious, healthy snack ideas take you more than 5 minutes to grab and go, somethin’s wrong.

Happy snack time = happy, more productive you.

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