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How to Do No-Impact Cardio Like a Ballerina


It’s one simplified way Jillian Dreusike explains her fitness method, Allongee, which she created as an undergraduate student (and dancer!) in Philadelphia. The workout is now popular in Philly, and there are also pop-up classes in New York City (with an eye toward expansion there).

“We tend to call it a barre boot camp,” Dreusike explains. “We’re using all of the same muscle groups like in a barre class…but the work is really different. The things we’re doing are higher range of movement. We’re getting your heart rate up so you’re in a cardio zone for at least 25 minutes in every class.”

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Even more creative? Dreusike created a class called “so SOAR!” that moves her method onto rebounders (AKA mini trampolines). On the rebounder, the cardio becomes totally no-impact… and also really, really fun. “The whole thing with the rebounders is ‘how do we put 50 minutes of cardio in one class and do it without putting any impact on our joints and ligaments?” she says. “We want to be able to deliver that cardio without causing any extra body stress.”

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If that sounds like something you’re ready to jump on, she provided a tutorial on how to start bouncing around at home or at the gym, below, as part of your overall workout routine.

Your No-Impact Ballet Cardio Workout

Before you bounce:

Take a few minutes to just bounce around lightly and get to know the space and feel of the rebounder. Throughout, focus on keeping the weight in your heels and on pressing everything down when you’re doing the down-bounces. The knees should also always be facing the side; you’re using different ballet positions to facilitate external rotators working.

Try doing each bounce for 30 seconds to get your heart rate up.

ballet cardio

1. First Position Down-Bounces

Using ballet first position (heels together, toes out), plie and bounce, utilizing external rotators and glutes.

ballet cardio

2. Second Position Down-Bounces

Using ballet second position (heels apart, toes out), plie and bounce utilizing external rotators and glutes.

ballet cardio

ballet cardio

3. Second Position Battu Jump

Start in a deep plie in second position. Jump up, straightening legs and crossing one foot in front of the other. Switch which foot is in front on each jump.

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