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This Pumpkin Spice Has a Secret Ingredient


There are now plenty of ways to get your pumpkin spice fix in a healthy way (sorry, Starbucks!), but here’s the most amazing of all: Make the actual spice yourself.

Just think: If you make a jar to keep at home, then you can put it in or on anything. (And if that happens to be vegan ice cream in the middle of summer, ahem, we won’t tell anyone.)

With that in mind, we asked our spice mix guru, Chef Charla Contreras, to share her recipe.

Contreras is a Nutritious Life-Certified chef and health coach with a stacked resume. She’s been a private chef for prominent families, ran a meal delivery company, and even competed on Cook Your Ass Off (where she met our founder Keri Glassman, who was a judge!) and season 12 of Chopped! on the Food Network.

pumpkin spice mix

Not only did she provide the perfect, simple recipe, she also added a special secret ingredient: turmeric.

“I have been obsessed with turmeric, adding it to my smoothies and drinking it in hot tea,” she says. “When I thought of making my own pumpkin pie spice, I thought of turmeric’s warming quality and how well it goes with the warming spices.”

Turmeric does a few things for pumpkin spice. First, it makes it prettier, transforming it into what she calls “golden-ish” pumpkin spice. (Sounds like Instagram gold, right?) It also adds a little heat to the flavor. Finally, it provides a dose of anti-inflammatory, health-boosting magic.

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pumpkin spice

Follow Chef Carla’s lead by sprinkling it in plain Greek yogurt, granola or chia pudding, whipping it into butter, or tossing it on your sweet potato fries before they go into the oven.

Get her full Golden Pumpkin Spice recipe, here.

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(Photos: Carla Contreras)

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