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The 5 Tastiest, Healthiest Hummus Brands

Looking for the healthiest hummus?

Or course, the best approach is to make it yourself. Homemade hummus is all about a few whole, nutrient-dense ingredients: chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini. It’s a protein-, fiber- and antioxidant-rich snack, sandwich topper, or addition to a bowl of roasted veggies.

Like most packaged foods, though, once it started getting processed and shelved, lots of brands started turning it into a not-so-great food for your body. Many hummus tubs at the grocery store now contain unhealthy oils, tons of sodium, and additives like artificial flavors.

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The good news is that the brands that are using healthy, whole ingredients tend to produce hummus that tastes better. It’s got the the yummy texture and fresh flavor of the stuff you’d find at a Mediterranean restaurant, instead of a strange smoothed-out, artificial taste.

For those weeks when turning on the food processor just isn’t an option, reach for these five healthier hummus brands at the grocery store.

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The 5 Healthiest Hummus Brands That Taste Great

  • Hope Foods

    Hope Foods makes its hummus with all whole food ingredients and is USDA-certified organic. It also gets major points for using heart-healthy extra-virgin olive oil (which is very rare) and preserving its hummus using HPP (high-pressure processing). HPP is a process that uses pressure to kill pathogens for food safety, and it negates the need for pasteurization (which destroys nutrients) or preservatives (which may not be good for you). Texture is airer/lighter than others, If you’re into fun flavors, the brand stocks creative options like Kale Pesto and Jalapeno Cilantro. The only downside is that it’s on the higher end of the sodium spectrum.

  • Roots

    Here’s a good sign: Roots prints its ingredient list on the top of its containers, so it’s the first thing a buyer sees. On the list you’ll find only real foods like garbanzo beans and lemon juice, and the hummus has real depth of flavor. It’s lower in sodium than most, and while safflower oil isn’t as healthy as olive, it’s fine in small doses. Roots also uses HPP to avoid preservatives and pasteurization. It’s not organic but is certified non-GMO, and the company’s profits support a foundation that encourages outdoor learning.

  • Cedar’s Organic Hommus

    Cedar’s Organic Hommus gives you a perfect blend of zesty spices, chickpeas, tahini, and organic oils such as sunflower oil and organic extra virgin olive oil. It’s also USDA-certified organic, certified gluten-free, vegan, and non GMO project verified.

  • Ithaca Cold-Crafted

    Ithaca’s zesty hummus tastes the most like the fresh stuff your friend’s Greek (or Israeli) grandmother makes. The company uses all fresh, non-GMO foods as ingredients, like raw garlic and red pepper flakes, and uses HPP to preserve all of the nutrients safely. It’s use of sunflower oil is not ideal, but it’s okay in small doses (not as a main food in your diet), and they do source organic for that ingredient. Downside: It’s the highest in sodium of these options.

  • Abraham’s Hummos

    This small-batch brand does things its own way, resulting in a hummus that is much lower in calories and sodium. The biggest difference is Abraham’s hummus doesn’t contain oil, just chickpeas, tahini, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and spices. That makes for a thicker, chunkier consistency—either you’ll love it or you’ll miss the creaminess. One super cool detail: apple cider vinegar acts as a natural preservative, and Abraham’s pressure cooks the chickpeas first and then adds the ACV, which negates the need for pasteurization or HPP.

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