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5 Everyday Habits That Can Boost Your Sex Life


Generally, when you hear the term “libido-boosting,” it’s related to some sort of scammy supplement. But there are plenty of simple, healthy everyday habits you can focus on to keep your sex drive humming.

Just like lots of things—like long, stressful days at the office or heavy, greasy meals—can put a major damper on your desire to get busy, other things can give it a helpful nudge in the other direction.

And it’s worth working on since a satisfying sex life can help you maintain a healthy weight, improve brain health, and boost immunity. Honestly, a good enough reason is that sex is fun, but we’ll take all of the other stuff, right?

Try incorporating these libido-boosting habits into your everyday life, below.

5 Libido-Boosting Habits

  • 1. Eat sexy foods

    Eating foods that put you in the mood with sensual taste or texture is a great idea if it works for you. But here, we’re talking mainly about foods that are known to stimulate or support processes in your body (like the release of hormones) that are related to sexual performance and pleasure, like watermelon and pine nuts. Get a full list of libido-boosting foods, here.

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  • 2. Stick to a consistent exercise routine

    Exercise will make you live longer, look better, and yes, can even do wonders for you in the bedroom. From increasing blood flow to improving body image, experts say working out literally “primes” your body for sex. Plus, you may even end up getting a little O action during a sweat session (ha!). Ever heard of the controversial “coregasm”?

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  • 3. Go to bed early

    No, we don’t mean “go to bed” in a sexy way. Like, literally, get to sleep. Research suggests that women who sleep more have more satisfying sex lives.

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  • 4. Establish a meditation practice

    Research also suggests that those who meditate have better sex. In one study, meditators scored higher on all kinds of measures, like arousal, lubrication, orgasm and desire.

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  • 5. Cultivate kindness

    Here’s an unsexy scientific study title for you: “Altruism predicts mating success in humans.” Translation: being nice is associated with better sex. And hey, gratitude, which is pretty similar to kindness, is associated with happier, longer-lasting romantic relationships overall. And isn’t that the dream—to have both great sex and a happy, long-lasting connection?

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