Jordan Younger is the girl behind top-read health and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde. She is also the creator of the health-inspired conscious clothing line TBV Apparel, which now retails internationally. Jordan lives in LA, where she blogs full-time and just released her first book (which we were lucky enough to get our hands on early!), a memoir titled Breaking Vegan. I recently asked this healthy chica exactly how she lives her most Nutritious Life and I just love it. Here’s what she said:


How do you DRINK UP?

I am what I like to refer to as a very “beveragey” person. I am all about the liquids. I start my day with a glass of warm water with lemon, then an iced cold brew coffee, a green smoothie, lots of water, and lots of Liquid IV healthy hydration supplement. I am very active, so anytime I can get my hydration on, I do. When I am out on the town, I never stray from my trusty vodka soda with lime (Tito’s!).



To me, eating empowered is all about listening to my body and making the best choices that serve me. I am training for a marathon right now, so I have had to really tune into my body to make sure that I am nourishing and fueling properly. I strive to make choices that will not only be tasty and enjoyable, but will make me FEEL good. I live label-free with no restrictions, and that’s what I’ve found works best for me. Real food, from the earth, local, unprocessed is what I really love and lean towards, but being less of a stickler about it has helped me relax around food tremendously.



I try to pour my energy into causes that I am passionate about, like eating disorder recovery, animal rescue and raising awareness toward cyber bullying. I host a lot of events that give back to some of my favorite local LA organizations that raise funds/awareness for those causes. I also have a t-shirt line, TBV Apparel, and we make sure to use all ethical and organic fabrics and keep things as local as we possibly can. Again, I find the less I “stress” about making conscious choices, the easier and more enjoyable it is to fit those natural and important conscious choices into my life and daily routine.


How do you LOVE MORE?

Man, this is a great question. I surround myself with people that bring only the most positive, supportive, great vibes my way. LOVE is such a two way street, and I learned pretty recently that allowing space for those who love hard and love true is one of the best ways to live an empowered life. I am also big on the importance of loving myself — through daily mantras, being good to my body, making healthy choices, challenging myself, and never beating myself up for making “mistakes.”



Yoga, meditation, hydration, lots of good rest, nights in with friends, massages, facials, investing in nutritious food, educating myself on what’s important to me. Above all, nurturing myself means spending time alone and drawing inward when need be. I am an extrovert and a people pleaser, so sometimes stepping back and reflecting is what I need to really nurture myself and feel my very best.


How do you SLEEP DEEP?

By exercising during the day, staying super hydrated, and trying to let my brain wind wayyyy down before I get into bed. Lots of reading, no electronics in bed, and lots of snuggling with my sweet kitten Hudson.


How do you STRESS LESS?

I meditate, and I remind myself that whatever is no longer serving me, I have permission to let go of.


How do you SWEAT OFTEN?

Running, yoga, marathon training, HIIT at OrangeTheory fitness, hiking with friends on the weekends, and swimming/surfing in my beloved ocean!



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