Turns out, better sex could be just a good night’s sleep (or good deed) away.

That’s according to a few of the many research studies that shed light on surprising ways to boost your sex life. (Thanks, science!) Don’t worry, none of them have anything to do with expensive lingerie, massage oils, or candles.

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Your sex life, by the way, impacts your overall health in many ways, so it’s in your best interest to find pleasure as often as possible. (That’s why “Love More” is an important pillar of a Nutritious Life.) Go ahead, get busy (reading, obviously).

Surprising Tips for Better Sex

1. Don’t skimp on sleep.

A very recent study found that among older women, those who got more sleep were more likely to have satisfying sex lives. And this will blow your mind: past research has shown having sex may help you get to sleep, too. In other words, you should probably get started on the most amazing life ever—a never-ending perfect sex-sleep cycle.

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2. Don’t go at it like rabbits.

For those in long-term relationships, one study found that while more frequent sex leads to a more satisfying sex life, that benefit is not significant once couples have sex more than once a week. So if you’re doing it once a week, don’t stress about upping the frequency; focus on quality. (Of course, if you’re having high-quality sex every. single. day… please, don’t let us stop you.)

3. Make gym time a priority.

Past studies have shown that for women, vigorous exercise can increase blood flow to the genitals, which in turn increases arousal. Hurry home after that HIIT class, k?

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4. Do chores with your partner.

Admittedly, we wish this one said “have your partner do all of the chores for you.” (You could try that approach and then the chores will be done, and who even cares about sex?) But a recent study found couples who divide housework evenly reported having the most frequent and satisfying sex.

5. Be nice.

Really, it’s that simple. One study found that people who behave altruistically (you know, like a human you want to be around) have more sex. Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep it going once you’re in bed…if nice is not exactly a word you’d use to describe your style in between the sheets.

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