3 Fast, Delicious & Healthy Lunch Ideas for You & Your Kids

Lunch ideas are one of the world’s most precious commodities. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating. They’re only one of the world’s mom’s most precious commodities.

It’s hard enough to figure out what you want for lunch and how you are going to eat healthy, never mind keeping up with your kids likes, jags, dislikes and gripes.

The sight of their lunch boxes may make you cringe in the same way your email inbox does after a two week vacay. And your own brown bag? You’re lucky if it makes it out the door with you in the morning.

For kids, lunch should be all smiles, rainbows and unicorns, but for the mom behind the meal, it can be a black cloud with no clearing in sight.

I get it. I empathize. I make lunches all year, too, and it can get discouraging.

But I can help.


3 Fast, Delicious & Healthy Lunch Ideas for You & Your Kids


PB&J:  old school processed pb and sugary jelly smushed between white bread is kinda a nutrition nightmare. However, it can be transformed into a nutrition powerhouse before you can say JIFfy. This one will be the whole fam’s jam.

  • Upgrade your nut butter (think almond butter, boutique nut butters, like Nutzzo or simply any natural pb) and spread the “P” on whole grain bread, Ezekiel bread, or high fiber crackers.
  • While you’re at it, swap your sugar-filled jelly with freshly sliced strawberries (or you can have one of your nuggets mash ‘em for you), an all fruit spread or even dehydrated fruit for a little crunch. This modern way pulls out a bunch of the sugar and takes the nutrition up a notch with vitamin C and fiber.


Fruit + Yogurt + Veggies: Who says you need meat to make a complete lunch box? This one, two, three and done lunch will take you less than minute (no joke) to prep. You’re welcome.

  • A whole piece of fruit requires no assembly, packaging or cutting. Take your pick, apple, pear, banana (they’ll all give you antioxidants and fiber) and add it to a Chobani yogurt tube (your kids will thank you when they’re grown for not ignoring their protein and calcium consumption).
  • Top the combo off with sweet mini peppers on the side (my kids pop these in their mouths like candy!). You can buy these antioxidant powerhouses in bulk and there is not one bit of cutting or slicing required.

Satisfy your (yes, we’re lookin’ at you mom!) Mexican Craving: Chips, guac and enchiladas on your mind? I’ll save you the calories and the trip to the taqueria. 

  • Chobani Greek Flip Sriracha Mango may just be your new partner to a margarita. This non-GMO yogurt has 12 grams of protein, no artificial sweeteners (woo hoo) and is exploding with flavor. But, you need something to replace that chip crunch, right? It’s got that too. It comes with Sriracha coated rice crisps and cashews – right there on the side!
  • Make this a complete “meal” with protein, fiber, healthy fat and adequate calories by adding a handful of mixed nuts. Done and done.

**this post was in partnership with Chobani**

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