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5 Guided Meditations to Fall Asleep Faster


Sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is as simple as figuring out a way to convince your mind and body to just calm down. 

Sleep meditations are a really good way to make that happen.

Research suggests that mindfulness meditation, in general, may improve sleep quality. But if you’ve ever struggled to stay awake during savasana because a yoga teacher’s voice was that soothing, you know from experience a little calming guidance can go a long way.

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After a crazy day at the office or when stressful thoughts keep nudging you back into wakefulness, try one of these free sleep meditations to start snoozing.

5 Sleep Meditations

Wind Down: Switching Off With Sleep by Headspace

A super simple, effective meditation from popular meditation app Headspace that helps you “turn off” each part of your body in under two minutes.

Calm Sleep Meditation

The other well-known meditation company, Calm, takes a similar approach but deepens the muscle relaxation practice to last about 20 minutes. So if you need a little more time to fully decompress, choose this one.

Guided Sleep Meditation With Deepak Chopra

Master of meditation Deepak Chopra helps you give your mind permission to settle into sleep (in about four minutes) using his calming voice, spacey sounds, and breathing techniques.

Guided Sleep Meditation Talkdown

This one is a 30-minute “talkdown” in that The Honest Guys calm you down without asking you to engage in a lot of meditative practice on your own. Also, it’s filled with ocean sounds if waves tend to calm you.

ASMR Meditation | Hypnotic Guided Physical Relaxation for Sleep

Interested in the super trendy Youtube phenomenon known as ASMR? If it works for you (or you’re just intrigued and want to try it), this video uses the technique to help you get to sleep.

Bonus Sleep Meditation: For Kids!

The Sleepy Sloth Sleep Meditation for Children

Meditation can totally work for wound-up little ones, too. Especially when you add a super cute sleepy sloth to the narrative.

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