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OMG! Nutritious Life Got a Makeover You’ve Got to See


Guys, today is a REALLY exciting day.

After 15+ years of guiding countless people towards living their most nutritious (happy!) lives, I could not be more thrilled to share my gorgeous new website with you!

In 2002, I opened my nutrition practice with uber big dreams and carefully laid plans. Back then, no one was talking about putting coconut oil in their smoothies and on their skin. Women didn’t meet their friends for SoulCycle rides after work. Meditation was relegated to crunchy silent retreats.

But my vision was to meet people where they were in order to raise their nutrition a notch (or three) to enhance—rather than disrupt—their lives. And the philosophy that underpinned that vision was based on an important understanding: that living a nutritious life was about so much more than food.

As an RD (and even before), I had always felt that other aspects of life like sleep, hydration, and exercise were just as important as what we put on our plates when it came to overall health. I knew I was motivated to exercise on days that I ate better, that I slept better when I worked out, and that my stress levels dropped when I got a good night’s sleep. Each pillar impacted all of the others. In fact, people today would instantly recognize my very first logo (from 2002) as a model of what is now considered a “holistic” approach to wellness: arrows connecting images like an apple for food and a bed for sleep in a continuous circle.

My vision also included reaching and changing the lives of as many people as possible. (Big dreams, remember?) Guiding thousands of clients towards better health taught me even more about what really works (and doesn’t work at all) when you apply the principles of nutrition to real people’s lives. I wanted to share that knowledge with a larger audience, so I wrote books (four of ‘em!), became a regular contributor to publications like Women’s Health, and became a trusted commentator for top media outlets like The TODAY Show and Rachael Ray.

In 2014, I took my message and years of additional research even further when I launched The Nutrition School to educate the wellness pros who educate consumers around the world. Since then, we’ve had nine classes graduate, and Nutritious Life Certified pros are now working in more than a dozen countries around the world.

Fast forward to today and my new website is taking Nutritious Life to the next level, putting the knowledge I’ve been building and content I’ve been developing for years in front of all of you in a super exciting way. And my expertise and advice is now showcased alongside content featuring other experts I know and trust. The best trainers sharing workouts and fitness advice, for example, and beauty experts dishing out skin-care advice that really works.

A taste of what you’ll find on the new site?

—A gorgeous new design (because getting dressed up makes you feel just as good as eating kale salad!), and better navigation so you can easily find what you’re looking for and discover new content you didn’t even know you needed

—High-quality consistent content, all of which is grounded in science (research studies galore!) while still being fun to read and providing actionable advice that applies to your life. That includes healthy tips and tricks, easy, delicious recipes, and lots of videos

—An E-commerce shop where you can easily pick up the products I really trust and use

—More classes from The Nutrition School: In addition to our standard 12-week certification, we’ll be rolling out more incredible courses to choose from

—And a whole lot more coming soon!

Ready to discover and live your most Nutritious Life? Let’s do it, together. My whole team and I have got your back!



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