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Fish For Breakfast That’s Actually Delicious


Who doesn’t like to eat breakfast foods at dinnertime?

There are no food rule police who are going to call you out for unconventional eating.

You’re a grown up. You can eat what you want, when you want it.

Why not have oatmeal for dinner, a sweet potato as a snack or dessert before the meal?

Shaking up your nutrition is a good idea. It ups nutrient variety, hooking our cells up with nutrients we might not get from eating the same bowl of cereal every morning.

I get why you like sticking to your breakfast that works for you daily, but this may convince you to break from your norm: studies find variety reduces body fat. Score!

It also prevents boredom and let’s face it, your usual breakfast probably has gotten a little stale.

Need a creative idea?

Eat fish for breakfast.

Like all good New Yorkers, smoked salmon is one staple in my breakfast routine that I’m never going to part with, and I tell my clients to stock up, too.

It’s satisfying and loaded with omega-3 goodness, which benefits everything from your heart, to cancer prevention and let’s not forget glowing skin and healthy hair.

What’s better than that?

And, let’s face it, when other healthful fats (ahem, avocados) are rock hard and lacking appeal, you never have to wait for your nova to ripen.

I was thinking about these little swimmers (yes, that’s what us nutrition peops do, think about foods and their benefits) and how I could up my fish for breakfast game.

I have been lacking variety in my own fish eating breakfasts for years and I thought you might be limiting yourself too, so I’m sharing a few ideas (no fishing pole required).

2 Delicious Ways to Eat Fish for Breakfast:

  • Taramasalata. It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue! Taramasalata (tara-MAS-uh-lata) is fish roe (yes, like CAVIAR) with olive oil, lemon, onions and boiled potatoes, made into a mezze-like spread. You find it near the cream cheese or seafood area at most regular and high end markets. Or, you can make it yourself in a few easy steps. Truth be told, my high school boyfriend first introduced me to this gem of a dip and I was hooked (no fish pun intended) ever since! Yes, it’s full of healthy fats and it’s uber delish. Spread one tablespoon on a high quality piece of toast such as Dave’s Killer Blues Bread and/or top with a few slices of tomato, cuc or radish. Mmmmmmmm.
  • Tuna wrap. Make a double batch of tuna salad and make it morning friendly by serving it up alongside sliced fruit, instead of lunch-ier crudites. Pile ⅓ cup tuna salad in a butter lettuce leaf or two (or seaweed sheets or endive spears) with a pile of shredded carrots on top and serve sliced citrus on the side. This dish is full of protein, which will keep you satisfied, and your hunger at bay (this fishing pun was intended. sorry, couldn‘t resist) all morning long.

Now, how about those eggs for dinner?


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