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Why You Need a Community to Find Success as a Wellness Pro—and How to Build One


You’ve decided that you’re finally ready to follow your smoothie- and spin class-loving heart into a career in wellness. Congratulations! You might picture days filled with hugs from happy clients on their way to healthier eating habits and kombucha recipe chats after yoga classes.

Then you realize … it’s lonely (and maybe a little overwhelming) out there.

Most wellness entrepreneurs—whether you’re starting out as a nutritionist, health coach, yoga teacher, or trainer—spend lots of time on their own developing recipes, creating meal guidelines, curating playlists, and agonizing over client challenges.

This is why having a community that you can rely on for feedback and support becomes crucial. And this is why connecting health pros to each other is a key component of our educational platform, The Nutritious Life Studio. When you become Nutritious Life Certified, you don’t just study the science of inflammation and the importance of healthy fats—you also join a thriving online and in-person community of wellness superstars who will support you on your personal and professional journey.

Thinking of applying for the next class? Here are three reasons that finding community is key to making it as a wellness pro.

3 Reasons Wellness Professionals Need Community

Work friends make you more productive.

Studies have found that people who have “work friends” are often more productive than those who keep to themselves. The key is managing the disruption that close ties at work can also introduce (like your work BFF constantly Slacking  gossip about the new boss). But if you’re an entrepreneur working on your own, you’ll have an easier time managing those relationships (read: turn notifications off!), so you can essentially capitalize on the benefits of work friends without the drawbacks.

Problem-solving is much easier.

When you hit a bump at a traditional job, you can usually turn around and ask a colleague what they would do in the same situation. When you’re on your own, that quick support network vanishes. The Nutritious Life Certified private Facebook group introduces that same tool back into your life. One NLS alum says that the weekly Zoom calls are meetings with her Board of Directors. She has it penned into her schedule each week and never misses.

NL-certified pros are constantly throwing out day-to-day dilemmas and asking for feedback. What should you do if a client just can’t stick to the meal plan you’ve laid out? What’s the best turmeric supplement to recommend? Seriously impressive professionals (including, of course, our very own Keri Glassman) will weigh in with their thoughts from all over the world.

You get exposed to new perspectives.

Maybe you’ve decided you’re the trainer who teaches all HIIT , all the time. Or the health coach who insists every client try ditching gluten . Everybody’s got their specialty (and it’s good to have one thing that makes your approach unique!), but if you’re also always paying attention to how other people work and witnessing their challenges and triumphs, it’ll give you a more well-rounded perspective and toolkit to draw from.

The Nutritious Life Studio community is one of SO many benefits to becoming Nutritious Life Certified. Fill out the form below today and join our thriving and inspiring community. 


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