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A Nutritious Life Thanksgiving!


Happy almost Thanksgiving! If you are reading this, congratulations on your efforts to get through Thanksgiving with your health goals in mind! All of your efforts will add up, so take some of these suggestions to heart and your heart (and thighs and stomach and immune system) will thank you for it.

1. Be a Wo/Man with a Plan. Before you embark on your Thanksgiving day, take a minute to decide what you are going to eat, indulge in or taste. If you take a few moments before you begin to really think and plan, you will set yourself up to be successful. Sometimes a little planning is all you need to get you through the day enjoying your meal and feeling good too!

2. Take Control with Portion Control. Remember to load up on steamed vegetables, salad and turkey breast. Limit the sides and desserts. Choose 2 tablespoons of 2 decadent sides to indulge in; keep the rest of your plate green and lean! Of course, you should enjoy your meal, but get leftovers out of the house or don’t take a doggie bag. Removing tempting indulgences will help you get back to your Nutritious Life on Friday!

3. Drink Up Up Up! Unwanted calories from beverages can undermine your work. Have a full glass of water or seltzer (with lemon) before the meal and match each glass of wine with a glass of water. Avoid the eggnog and fancy coffee drinks— those calories take the worst revenge and can plump you up, well…like a Thanksgiving turkey!

4. Heed the Need for Nutrient Density. Roasted chestnuts, a tablespoon of cranberries, roasted root vegetables, turkey breast, and a spoonful of winter squash are loaded with nutrition! Make sure you are getting these powerhouses in, in place of the stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn bread, which may be less healthful. Making these nutritious choices on Thursday will have you feeling proud and inspired to make better choices for the rest of the long weekend!

5. Get Up and Go. Rally the family for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, a game of touch football or a shake- your-tail-feathers dance-a-thon. Do the best you can to move during the day!

Remember: Listen to your body! Stop eating when you are slightly satisfied even if it seems to go against the spirit of “stuffing” on Thanksgiving. ENJOY your Thanksgiving—it is one meal that should be celebrated. Keep your nutritious life in the forefront of your mind and best of luck with your holiday efforts!

Nutritious Life Thanksgiving Recipes

Pilgrim Salad

walnut cranberry salad

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Garlic and Lemon Haricots Vertsgreen beans garlic

Whipped Sweet Potato Casseroleyams and marshmellows

Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving turkey

Wild Rice & Bulgur Stuffingbulgur crop

Pumpkin Soufflé


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