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2-Minute Kitchen Tricks for Better Health

No time to read a long tutorial on how to grow, stew, and preserve your own tomatoes? We get it, really.

However, you’ll only need to sacrifice two minutes to learn one of these time-saving kitchen tricks—and all of them will help you live healthier around the clock.

Here’s the deal: Each healthy kitchen hack on the list is explained in a video that’s two minutes or less. The practices explained can all be implemented by you in the same super short span of time. In other words, you’ll be able to incorporate them into your busy lifestyle seamlessly, without stress, especially since they’ll likely help you streamline things you’re currently doing the hard way.

Could we make it any easier? Start watching, below.

7 Kitchen Tricks for Better Health

1. Make cashew milk.

Forget almond; embrace creamy, nutty cashews, which are filled with good fats. It allows you to skip the straining process, meaning making homemade nut milk is as fast as throwing the packaged version in your shopping cart (and way healthier).

2. Make overnight oats.

We love a bowl of steaming hot oatmeal, but standing at the stove for 20 minutes while trying to get the kids out the door? Not so much. Spend a couple of minutes pouring ingredients into jars the night before, instead.

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3. Whip up Keri’s Lemon Dressing.

Please enjoy this clean, healthy salad dressing that’s ready in 30 seconds. It’ll save you time later, too, since you can make a big batch and put it on almost everything for flavor, all week.

4. Turn leftover coffee into ice cubes.

This one eliminates food waste and allows you to turn brewed coffee into iced coffee instantaneously without watering it down. Perfect for when you’re in a rush, need a boost, and it’s hot out there.

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5. Clean your house with baking soda and vinegar.

Avoid the chemicals in store-bought cleaning products by making fast, natural alternatives in your kitchen (and then cleaning it with them!).

6. Use this protein powder formula.

Save yourself time reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists at the grocery store by remembering this three-step evaluation process to grab the healthiest option.

7. And then use the powder in this smoothie…

This Frappuccino alternative is a mega time saver since it delivers a protein-packed breakfast and your morning coffee in one.

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