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If You’re Doing This to Fight Stress, You’re Making it Worse

There’s nothing wrong with a fancy cocktail or a glass of antioxidant-rich red wine to relax and unwind after a really long day at work. But regularly drinking alcohol for stress-relief may not be the best idea. (The amount and situation makes all the difference.)

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In this video from the A Little Bit Better series—which focuses on small yet meaningful habit changes—Keri explains why.

A few hints for you: Alcohol, first of all, is a depressant. So if you’re feeling depressed or are faced with a real problem, it will very likely make it worse.

Don’t freak out, though. There are of course many research-tested ways to deal with stress that are really effective. (Some are even as delicious, like eating dark chocolate.)

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Watch the video below to set yourself up for more calm, cool, and collected moments, without relying on alcohol for stress-relief.

Why Drinking Alcohol for Stress-Relief Isn’t the Best Strategy

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