Happy Mother’s Day … the Nutritious Life Way

By Nutritious Life Editors

At Nutritious Life, we love moms. Our moms, your moms, all moms. Why? Because we know that moms work so very hard at taking care of everyone and everything. Moms raise kids and juggle demanding careers while making sure their homes and families are clean and fed and schooled (and so much more!). That’s a heavy load—mentally, physically and spiritually (yes, being a mom is a mind-body-spirit, all-encompassing role, but you don’t need us to tell you that!)

That’s why this Mother’s Day, the staff of Nutritious Life salutes all moms and the incredible work you (and we) are doing.

Here’s a few ways our team is celebrating Mother’s Day this year … the Nutritious Life way.

Sharing the Simple Joys … in Nature and Together

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I’ll be one happy mama on Mother’s Day because both of my kids will be home. (My son will be back from his first year away at college.) That’s a nice little gift in and of itself, but on top of that … What I’d like to do on Mother’s Day is pretty simple. I have said at least a million times that my absolute favorite thing in the world is being active outdoors with my kids. It could be hiking, biking, paddle boarding, anything. … This year, I’m hoping for a gorgeous spring day, a delicious breakfast with multiple cups of coffee and a very long walk on the beach with the whole family (and no complaining about how long it is!) That’s it. Pretty simple. Oh, and if gifts are involved, I wouldn’t turn away an LED face mask. 😉

– Keri Glassman, founder and CEO of Nutritious Life and The Nutritious Life Studio

Cooking is Love

In my family, cooking is our shared love language. As the youngest in the family, Mother’s Day is usually my time to take the reins and make a spread worthy of the two best moms I know: My Ima and my sister. The past two years in quarantine kicked off a tradition where I cook up a themed brunch: the Quarantine Cafe was my first idea, and Mama Mia (my Italian pizza concept) took place last year. This year, I’ll be enlisting the help of my 5-year-old nephew to make all of our mom’s favorites: Shakshuka, homemade pita bread and Israeli salads. After brunch at home, we’ll do a family walk around the neighborhood before we dig into our next yearly tradition: Nancy Meyers movies with a seasonal cocktail and homemade popcorn.

– Ellie Erlich, the Nutritious Life Studio Community Manager

No Brunch, Please!

I can’t tell you what I will be doing on Mother’s Day, but I can tell you what I won’t be doing: Brunch. I know I’m probably alone here, but there is seriously nothing worse than brunch, a Mother’s Day ritual that I put the kibosh on years ago when I joined the Mom Club.

I realize an entire brunch culture has just canceled me, but I hope they just see it as more bottomless mimosas for them, so score! Brunch for me is a day where you dress up in something that isn’t comfy, take photos where only 50% of the people are actually happy (because nobody under the age of 10 actually wants to brunch either), and then you eat this long, drawn-out meal and don’t feel awesome afterwards. This assures a mimosa/carb coma by 2 p.m. and spending the rest of the day in a bloated fog.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally on board with a Friday night fog that came from an extra glass (or three!) of champs, but not on a Sunday afternoon. It’s such a waste of an amazing opportunity to feel great. A bike ride, a beach day, a round of golf, a walk with a friend, a BBQ with neighbors, a book on the porch, or a fave Netflix binge with your person. To me, the perfect Mother’s Day starts with my kiddos doing something thoughtful for me and includes an afternoon toast with my girlfriends, who are also in the Mom Club and by default, my village. The day ends with some time with me and my very special husband who made me a mom.

– Karen Rogers, VP of Marketing Operations for Nutritious Life and Empowered Education

Modeling Adventure and Self-Care For Our Kids Matters

Little cute asian girl practicing yoga pose on a mat in park
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I’d love to gift myself an in-person yoga practice on Mother’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with at-home daily practice. In fact, I love it! It’s a perfect way to make a date with myself (Wink**). On the other hand, trying something out of my comfort zone has been calling me. A hot yoga class, maybe? Or possibly a Bikram yoga sesh. I might even try something totally different, like skateboarding or surf skating! This is on my 2022 adventure list and might be the best way to treat myself for Mother’s Day.

Seeing myself grow and evolve as a person helps me become a better mom to my beautiful girls. I want them to see me taking care of myself. I want to fill my cup and let my kids watch and learn this from me as they grow. I want to try new things so they won’t be afraid to step out of the “mother role” (in case they want to become moms in the future. Yes, they have the freedom to choose!) and nurture themselves with the things that spark joy and make them feel alive. Not that motherhood doesn’t do that – as being a mom is all that and more. But motherhood is also a reminder to care for oneself and to lead by example because the love cultivated within yourself will shine through your children and significant others … guaranteed.

– Marhielle Alfonso Galang, marketing admin for Nutritious Life and the Nutritious Life Studio

Honoring Moms We’ve Loved and Lost

This Mother’s Day, I’m practicing self-care in honor of the moms I’ve loved and lost—and as a way to honor myself, too. As a busy mom of two young adults who cares for an aging parent and has regular skirmishes with chronic pain, I work extra hard at reminding myself to prioritize my own well-being (something I’m honestly not great at). Fortunately, I work with a tremendous nutrition and wellness coach who helps guide my wellness journey and gently reminds me to make time for myself and my needs. This is an important lesson for all of us hard-working moms!

With that in mind, I’ll be booking a massage for myself in the near future as well as an ozone infusion … something I’ve been eager to try. (Stay tuned to hear how that turns out!) But on Mother’s Day—with my two amazing kids in the thick of college finals and not able to come home—I’ll focus on remembering and honoring the two women who taught me about love and motherhood: My beautiful mom, who passed away too young from melanoma (a great reminder to wear your sunscreen and get that skin check, ladies!) and my fierce grandma, who taught me about courage and resilience. I thank my lucky stars for them, and for showing me what love looks like. Thankfully, I also get to spend the day with my main squeeze and the wonderful moms in his life.

Cheers to us all, ladies, and happy Mother’s Day!

– Seka Palikuca, Editorial Content Manager, Nutritious Life

Just Give Me All. The. Hugs.

Once upon a time, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to be fussed over and shown that all the love and effort I pour into my family was acknowledged and appreciated. I also didn’t want to have to cook that day, nor do the 80 million chores that take up most of my Sundays. I wanted to be celebrated … and maybe even a little pampered.

But then one day I woke up and life was different. My mom—my very best friend—had passed away from heart disease. Our day-before-Mother’s-Day tradition (buying our first hanging baskets of the season and then going out for Mexican food) was over. And that’s when everything shifted for me. Suddenly, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to be with my three boys and my hubby. Whatever that looked like—gifts or not, dinner or not, fussing or not.

This year, my boys are 21, 19, and 13. The older two are often away for work (they’re welders), and all I want is for us to all be together. But I know there’s a very slim chance that will happen. So I’ll take all the hugs I can get at any time and will go to bed on Mother’s Day knowing that the values, heart, and energy I poured into them—and so desperately wanted to be celebrated for—has helped them become the most amazing humans. And there’s no greater Mother’s Day gift than that. (Although, let’s be real. If any of them want to get me an infrared sauna package, I’m totally OK with that, too!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there. You are the real MVPs and we love you!

– Libby Kontranowski, Director of Content for Nutritious Life and Empowered Education

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