5 Forward-Thinking Companies Making Healthcare Smarter

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Let’s face it: The way things currently work, it often seems like healthcare providers aren’t prioritizing “health” or “care.”

Showing up to see a doctor when you’re sick or hurt and being treated quickly for whatever ails you is one important aspect of quality healthcare. (Seriously, we don’t want to downplay the amazing things science has given us, like that one tiny pill that cures a yeast infection in 24 hours. YES.)

But what about getting ahead of your health and working to prevent chronic illness before it’s already wreaked havoc on your body (and mind)? Or tapping into technology so you can manage your health efficiently? Or the many holistic therapies that may help you thrive that Western medicine doesn’t give the time of day?

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There are a million ways medical care can be improved, and lots of smart companies are stepping up to help you proactively take control of your health. Here are a few of the best that you should definitely know about.

5 Companies Changing Healthcare

Parsley Health

Functional medicine—where doctors spend lots of time with patients identifying the root causes of health issues and working to make changes to diet and lifestyle (while also considering medical interventions, if necessary)—is often incredibly expensive, and providers rarely take insurance. Robin Berzin, MD, set out to change that with Parsley Health. She created a preventative health practice that works on a monthly membership model, in which members get biomarker testing, personalized health plans, and wellness perks. There are currently offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and most visits after the first evaluation can be done via video conference.

companies changing healthcare

One Medical

One Medical is like traditional medical care 2.0. After an annual membership fee, it essentially makes going to the doctor way more convenient, productive, and enjoyable. You can can get quick care 24-7 via the app and book appointments at multiple locations with just a few taps. The offices (in cities around the country) are well-designed instead of sterile, things almost always run on time, and the medical professionals spend much more time with you working through your issues compared to a typical office.


Founded by former employees of Google and Uber, Forward is the most tech-forward (yup) of the group. It also operates via a monthly membership fee. Instead of scale, you use a body scanner that takes all kinds of measurements, exam rooms are equipped with flat-screen monitors instead of clipboards, and an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant takes notes during your visit. All of your health info is available afterward, of course, in an app. There are currently locations in NYC, LA, DC, and San Francisco.

Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic is a digital approach to women’s health. Members get access to all-virtual consultations with OB-GYNs, doulas, nutritionists, and sex coaches. And prescriptions like birth control and UTI meds are easy to get sent directly to your pharmacy—no trip to a doctor’s office needed.

The Well

Okay, The Well doesn’t really exist yet, but when it opens near Union Square in NYC, it’s going to be a crazy luxe approach to health and wellness. Its scientific advisory board is led by famed functional medicine doctor Frank Lipman, MD, and members will have a “health concierge” and get access to yoga, fitness, and meditation classes, saunas, and healthy food options on top of doctor appointments. Of course, memberships will be around $375 per month, so this approach to wellness is going to be reserved for the super elite, at least for now.

(Photos: Shutterstock, Parsley Health)

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