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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Ice Cubes for Summer Sipping


When the weather’s warm, ice cubes become a crucial kitchen ingredient.

But if you’re only putting H20 into those freezer trays, you’re missing out on so many delicious, pretty possibilities.

For example, you can freeze all kinds of beverages to make your drinks more refreshing without watering them down. You can also easily make cubes that look super fancy for Martha Stewart-level (outdoor) cocktail parties.

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Below, we share five totally creative ways to make your beverages ice cold.

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5 Creative, Delicious Ways to Make Ice Cubes

  • Watermelon Ice Cubes

    Nothing says summer quite like fresh, juicy watermelon. To make watermelon cubes, all you have to do is cut one up into squares and put them in the freezer. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can add yummy herbs like mint or basil, which will also provide color. PureWow has a simple tutorial, here.

    (Photo: Shutterstock)

  • Coffee Ice Cubes

    This method eliminates food waste and allows you to turn brewed coffee into iced coffee instantaneously without watering it down. Perfect for when you’re in a rush, need a boost, and it’s too hot for your usual cup of joe. Follow Keri’s lead, here.

    (Photo: Shutterstock)

  • Greens Cubes

    You know when you go to make a green smoothie and realize you used all of the kale for dinner the night before? Making greens cubes in advance—like these from Cocoon Cooks—ensures that won’t happen. And your smoothie will be super chilled, which is always preferable to warm blended veggies.

    (Photo: Cocoon Cooks)

  • Edible Flower Ice Cubes

    Edible flowers are the best tool for making it look like you’re a total pro at culinary entertaining, even if whatever they’re decorating isn’t super impressive. (Seriously!) Add them to ice cubes like this and your fresh iced tea or lemonade will never be the same. Also, cocktails.

    (Photo: The View from Great Island)

  • Strawberry Prosecco Ice Cubes

    Oh hey, did someone say brunch?! Mimosas are even better when they come spiked with a strawberry Prosecco (or Champagne, you decide) ice cube. Just remember you’re adding more alcohol, so sip a little slower than usual. Delish shows you how it’s done, here.

    (Photo: Delish)

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