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10-Minute Resistance Band Yoga for Thighs


Danielle Diamond has been a proponent of using yoga for strength training for a while now.

The Nutritious Life Certified yogi created Xen Strength Yoga to combine yoga and meditation with muscle-building for major mind-body benefits—and we shared a whole series of her sequences that incorporate weights, before.

Now, Diamond’s got a new favorite tool: the resistance band. When she started incorporating one into her practice, she was blown away by the results. “In just six weeks, my body totally changed,” she said. “This stuff actually works.”

She’s not alone in her devotion to the simple, stretchy piece of equipment: Pinterest recently identified sweating with bands as one of its upcoming trends for 2019, noting that searches for “band workouts” were up more than 1900 percent.

One place to find those workouts? Here!

Resistance Band Yoga for Thighs

To introduce you to the power of the resistance band, Diamond is sharing 10-minute resistance band yoga sequences that give you a taste of her XenSculpt method.

We started the video series with a practice dedicated to strong glutes, moved up to the arms, chest, and back, and now, it’s time for thighs.

In this workout, you’ll be in traditional yoga poses that work your thighs—like lunges and tree—but you’ll also be working your arms using the bands. “We’re focusing on strengthening and stretching your thighs,” Diamond says, but it’s a much more full-body workout than you’d expect.

You’ll need a band (you can get a whole set for $11 on Amazon) and sliders. If you don’t have or want to invest in a pair of sliders, you can use paper plates on carpet or small towels or washcloths on wood floors.

Now, go work those muscles on the mat.

10-Minute Resistance Band Yoga for Thighs

Want more XenSculpt? Join Danielle for 5 days of live classes with weights and meditation starting March 18, here!

(Photo: Xen Strength Yoga)

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