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2 Farro Salad Recipes You NEED in Your Life


Kale salad, check. Three berry fruit salad, check. Cucumber salad, check. Farro salad? Hmmmm.

You’re eating clean. Getting in those greens. Drinking your tea. And, chowing down on nuts and avocado. But, you still need a little substance.

Something solid as a side dish (or even a main meal) when salmon and spinach alone don’t do the trick.

Rice? Pasta? No thank you refined starchy evil doers.

Quinoa? Been there, done that for the past two years.

Enter your new friend farro, also known as emmer or “true” farro. Sometimes this ancient grain gets confused with spelt, worthy of praise too, but different in taste, texture and nutrients than the the real deal variety.

When you a need a hearty side dish that you can feel empowered eating, give this really retro grain a try. Farro is a whole grain loaded with vits and mins, fiber and a little protein. Its also your new grain friend-with-benefits: it’s lower in calories than brown rice and quinoa and higher in fiber. Queue the mic drop.

Here are two of my fave go to farro salad recipes for you to give a try:


Fresh Mozzarella Farro Salad – Get the Recipe!

fresh mozzerella farro salad


Asparagus Farro Salad – Get the Recipe!