Natalie Jill helps people across the globe reach their health, fitness, and business goals.

Natalie left a very successful career in corporate America to follow her passion with health and fitness. As a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and functional fitness trainer, Natalie leveraged the power of the internet and in a short amount of time she was able to help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide get in shape and be their best selves.

In the process, she created a globally recognized brand with over a million social media followers worldwide and created an online business that has helped hundreds of thousands!

Although many see Natalie Jill as a fitness and nutrition expert, she is increasingly garnering attention for her ability to help others create, define, and monetize their brand in the online space.

In health & fitness, or in business, Natalie brings out the BEST in everybody she works with and helps them GET RESULTS! What’s not to love about that?!

Every time I chat with this amazing woman and friend, she brings out the best in me too! Read on to learn how she lives a Nutritious Life.

Oh, and if you wanna get rockin’ abs like she has, check out her awesome workout programs or her book the 7-Day Jump Start!

How do you DRINK UP?

Proper hydration is also very important for me so I always bring a water bottle with me. I LOVE my stainless steel water bottles – they stay cold, are inexpensive, and come in fun colors and patterns. I also have a fruit infused water bottle to carry with me all day long. Having it by my side is an instant reminder to drink more water! I normally know I have not gotten in enough water if I start feeling drowsy… Time to hydrate!

I am also a HUGE fruit and veggie eater so those keep me hydrated as well.


I am a fan of eating an unprocessed food diet. I have an auto immune disease called Celiac Sprue where my body can’t process Gluten, so I have been gluten free for 15+ years now. I chose to “unprocess my diet” and have learned the benefits of eating an unprocessed diet that is also naturally gluten-free. I eat much more fats (healthy fats), unlimited fruits and veggies, proteins and eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Nothing is off limits, but the majority of what I eat once “grew and needed sun”- meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes. I do not count calories and I do not eat at scheduled intervals. I listen to my body, eat real, natural unprocessed foods and THAT is what I teach and what is on all of my programs.

As I noticed the change from the unprocessed diet, I started to unprocess everything including the way I worked out and how I dealt with people and life. Unprocessing every aspect of my life resulted in my mindset changing, the weight leaving and staying off, my body re-defining, looking and feeling younger, empowered, and ultimately becoming truly happy.


Deciding comes first. I decided to fix things. I put everything I knew into play- from goal setting, to vision boards, to eating unprocessed foods, positive thinking and getting negatives out of my life. I turned my life around through accountability. Accountability is everything. It doesn’t matter what I am dealing with. I take accountability and ownership and do what I can do in my current situation to change it for the better. Now, my motto is “Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be FIT!” and that is how I live my life in addition to striving to empower other people in achieving their life goals through mindset, drive, fitness, and nutrition.

How do you LOVE MORE?

I focus on making what I love about myself shine brighter and let go of the self-hate and quit actively looking for what is wrong. I collect loving people in my life every day. When I meet positive, goal oriented, successful, happy, loving, and energetic people…I want them in my life. I find ways to be around them. They energize me, inspire me and help me want to better myself! And when I am my better self, I am able to love more.


I workout daily, go hiking, do yoga, eat unprocessed and nutritious foods, listen to motivating music, spend quality time with my family, occasionally go out with friends, and surround myself with motivating, happy, positive, and creative people.

How do you SLEEP DEEP?

Being happy, healthy and fit, learning to manage my time, and being with the people I love is my secret to having deep sleep. And OH how I love to sleep. I actually get excited around 8:30 pm because I know it is time to wind down. I do take magnesium before bed and drink chamomile tea. Both help me shut off my mind so I can read for a bit and then go to sleep!

How do you STRESS LESS?

This is a work in progress. I have taught myself to be more present in the moment and to take deep breaths before “reacting”. I stay very scheduled so that I have room for everything important. I make sure not to overbook or book things too close together.

I focus on my strengths and delegate the rest.  I focus on what I am good at, what I like to do and the things that I do that make me get lost in time. The amount of money and time I actually SAVE having people help me with the things I am terrible at, has freed up my life and given me time for more of what I am good at and enjoy doing. That has made me more productive, more focused on the right things and more successful.

How do you SWEAT OFTEN?

I do short, intense workouts that get my heart rate up, and send some sweat running down! Those are the workouts that truly challenge me.  One of my favorite types of workouts is a track workout. This is my type of “cardio”. These workouts can be extremely effective and the training ideas are endless at the track.



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