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5 Healthy Instagram Pics You Don’t Want to Miss

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, we asked the Nutritious Life community to make small #NutritiousShifts. These healthy Instagram pics are proof everyone took that task seriously.

From eating greens at breakfast and foods that fight stress to hitting up workout classes with your friends, the steps you all took towards wellness were pretty impressive. (Pat yourself on the back right now.)

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Here are five of the best shots from the campaign.

And hey, if you want to keep making simple healthy changes, don’t let us stop you. We’ll still be here sharing all kinds of tips to make your life as nutritious as possible.

The 5 Best Healthy Instagram Pics from #NutritiousShifts

healthy instagram pics

@explorenutrition made a yummy spinach-feta frittata to get her greens in early in the day.

healthy instagram pics

@barenutritionhealth added salmon to a plate of stress-reducing (spinach and peppers) and sleep-promoting (asparagus) foods.

healthy instagram pics

@healthylocavore showed off the pretty (and nutrient-dense) beans she buys from a local purveyor.

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healthy instagram pics

@find_peace_with_food made a green smoothie so good her furry friend was begging for a sip.

healthy instagram pics

@abbysfoodcourt piled greens—which were bought locally, in bulk, to reduce waste—on her plate, with grains and protein.