10 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for You

Orgasms aren’t something we talk about as often as smoothies here, but let’s face it, they are equally exciting and healthy.

Loving more is part of a nutritious life, and I’ve always believed that sex is uber important when it comes to wellness. But did you know there’s a whole lotta science going on under the sheets?!

Yep, there’s many lucky people studying the benefits of sex and the horizontal mambo, and knowing there’s research promoting a roll in the hay is just great for the entire human race.

There are many bits and pieces to a good romp, but today I’m focusing specifically on what we know about orgasms.

10 Reasons Orgasms Are Good for You

Orgasms may help heal a cold faster. No joke. A study out of Germany found that men who masturbated had increased adrenaline and prolactin levels and a higher number of leukocytes. Translation: they’ll end up using less tissues for the sniffles if they use more time by themselves.

So, the next time you take a sick day, spend some of it awake and aroused to get you back in action faster. You’re probably be spending that day in bed anyway, so make.it.work.

Orgasms are good for the brain. Scientists at Rutgers University hooked women up to MRI machines to study blood flow to the brain while they masturbated. They found that blood doesn’t only flow to the nether regions, but also to the brain, which gets flooded with nutrients and oxygen in the process.

So next time you need to cram for a test or nail a presentation for work, spend a few minutes … relaxing … first.

Sexual satisfaction increases with age. Adding to the explosion of orgasm research (pun intended), The American Journal of Medicine published findings that sexual satisfaction improves, yes, improves with age in women. Hallelujah! May we all live to be sexually satisfied octogenarians!

Focusing on the OM is a win-win. For the men, taking care of your lady helps you, too. The OM center is a practice club that focuses on the female orgasm. Apparently, when partners focus on the female orgasm, men report having better focus in other areas of their lives, such as work. So if your man really needs to have a good day at work, he needs to be sure to give you a good morning. Like, a really good morning.

You can lose weight, look younger, live longer, fight pain and sleep better from orgasms. Of course, orgasms are also linked to losing weight, looking younger as we age, living longer, getting rid of pain, fighting insomnia and better sleep.

So, if it’s been awhile since you, you know, then I hope I’ve given you reasons to well, you know. Orgasms are healthy. They do a whole lotta good stuff to your body, and you don’t even need a partner to have one.


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