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Nutritious Life is THE destination for cutting-edge nutrition, health, and wellness content that helps individuals live their most nutritious lives through science-backed and actionable advice and Nutritious Life Studio’s educational courses.

With renowned dietitian and thought-leader Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN at the helm, we steer people towards wellness strategies that work for them, via accessible, science-backed healthy living advice made to inspire conversations over crudites, cocktails or cardio. We make research relatable and the aspirational actionable.



These principles fully encompass our whole-person approach to health and wellness and guide everything we do at Nutritious Life. Incorporating these habits into your life helps you to become the healthiest version of yourself–while inspiring those around you to do the same.


Our story began when a seventh-grade girl, Keri, suddenly craved almonds and instinctively thought, “My body needs them.” Later, as a college athlete, she struggled to find the balance between fueling her body for competition and conforming to society’s view of the female form. Her inherent understanding and internal struggle sparked a lifetime passion for delicious, nutritious food, and a desire to help make our millions of life choices easier, healthier, and more meaningful.
At Nutritious Life, we believe that our bodies and minds—these extraordinary wonders that pump blood, transmit nerve signals, and are hungry for nourishment—instinctively crave health and balance.
But it’s the stuff of life—clothes, jobs, bills, cars, phones, meetings, and the endless chatter of thinner waists and thicker hair, softer skin and harder abs, more money and less time—that distracts, damages, and derails us from our true purpose.


That’s why we take a science-based, whole-person, nurturing approach to healthy living and guide everything we do with the understanding that while wellness feels and looks different to different people, we’re all connected by the power of making informed, healthy choices and the desire to live happier lives.

For us, those healthy choices come to life via simple tools anyone can use, anytime. Because when we make one healthy, positive choice, we open the door for every additional one that follows. That’s our real reward— supporting and guiding an ever-growing community on its journey to better health, deeper relationships, clearer minds, and richer lives—so together we can create a healthier world.


Nutritious Life Studio (NLS) is the education platform of Nutritious Life. We provide cutting-edge nutrition and wellness education programs—including our signature Become a Nutrition Coach Course—and support a thriving community of wellness professionals in building and growing their healthy businesses. With thousands of grads across the globe learning directly from Keri and her network of wellness industry experts, the Nutritious Life Studio is the premier program for nutrition, coaching and business education. We are committed to changing the health and lives of the coaches we certify and those they share their knowledge with.


Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, is a renowned celebrity nutritionist, healthy cooking expert, and wellness thought-leader. She is the founder and CEO of Nutritious Life and The Nutritious Life Studio, an online certification that provides unparalleled, forward-thinking education to individuals of various backgrounds looking to establish successful careers in the health and wellness industry..


What does it truly mean to live a Nutritious Life?

This is our manifesto—a list of the guiding principles that empower us to turn all eight pillars of our whole-person wellness philosophy into everyday action.

Read it as a starting point. Read it when you feel like you’ve gotten off track. Print it out and hang it above your bed (#kiddingnotkidding).

We’ll see you on the front lines of wellness.

Understanding the elements of good physical, mental and emotional health requires a solid foundation based on scientific research. Anecdotal evidence is helpful but not conclusive; scientific studies are imperfect but are our best resource.

Science is where our understanding of health starts, but knowledge also exists outside the lab. Traditions are often brilliant, and the fact that something hasn’t been studied yet doesn’t mean it inherently lacks value. We hold traditional and Eastern medicine strategies up to scrutiny and, in the best case, scientific inquiry. We appreciate and learn from anecdotal evidence while understanding it doesn’t represent the big picture.

Whatever science or tradition says, if a strategy isn’t right for your body and your lifestyle, it won’t work. Every individual is unique, and there is endless variation in terms of what your most Nutritious Life looks like.

We believe that our bodies and minds—these extraordinary wonders that pump blood, transmit nerve signals, and are hungry for nourishment—instinctively crave health and balance. Listening to your body is crucial to prevent emotional eating, achieve spiritual growth, and discover what works for unique, wonderful you.

We like to ask big, philosophical, and scientific questions about the best ways to lose weight and stress less, but it’s the stuff of life—meetings, bills, phone calls, family drama, and annoying errands—that distracts, damages, and derails us from our true purpose. Dealing with those details is where the magic happens, and Nutritious Life helps you bridge that gap between information and action. In other words, the no-fail 10-minute salmon recipe is just as important as the white paper on omega-3s.

Good food is our starting point—always. That means filling our plates with nutrient-dense whole foods—vegetables (especially greens!), fruits, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains so that the stuff of nutrition labels, like macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, fill our diets, naturally.

Soda, never. Wine, as a conscious indulgence. Water, all day every day (and of course tea and coffee!). It never gets old.

The key to consistent exercise is finding a workout that makes you want to move—and there is something that does that for everyone. We think of sweat sessions as precious, exhilarating me-time, not as a chore. We leave the gym or finish a long run outside energized, happier, and stronger than before.

We are super busy go-getters, but we know that taking time to care for ourselves—to sleep deep, stress less, and nurture yourself—is an important part of being an achiever and a giver. Non-stop pushing inevitably leads to burnout. The more balanced and centered we are, the better we can take care of those around us.

Love trumps a lot of things, in our book. Thinking thoughts of love and living your life from that perspective results in joyful relationships (with yourself and others)—and great sex, which is just as important to your overall health.

Meditation is important because tapping into a place of calm and considering our place in the world reminds us that yes, we’re small, but we’re also bigger than just ourselves. Our actions day-to-day impact countless other people and the planet, so living consciously extends into the tiniest details—from keeping cleaning products clean to staying organized at the office so you’re a less-stressed boss and mom.

The eight pillars of a Nutritious Life (and this manifesto!) don’t exist in a vacuum. The power is in the fact that living the principles of each one affects all of the others. Eating nutrient-dense, whole foods gives you energy to approach exercise from a happy place. Killing it at the gym helps you sleep soundly. A good night’s sleep means you wake up ready to love. The Nutritious Life philosophy doesn’t exist in a straight line. It’s a continuous circle—and YOU are a part of it.