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9 Delicious Ways to Add Nutrient-Dense Seeds to Your Diet

Nuts tend to hog the spotlight, but seeds definitely deserve to play a starring (reoccurring) role in your diet.

Don’t be fooled by their size—whether it’s a tiny pepita, a fragile, flaky hemp seed, or a chia seed that’s smaller than a crumb, seeds tend to squeeze nutrients into tiny packages. Chia and hemp seeds are both great protein sources, for example, and virtually all seeds are rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

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Confused about what to do with them? The good news is you can sprinkle them on almost anything (yogurt! salads!) for added nutrition. Or, for a slightly more structured approach, try one of the nine simple recipes, below, that feature seeds as key ingredients in breakfasts, snacks, salads, and even dessert.

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9 Simple Seed Recipes

  • Everything Bagel Seasoning

    Make this cult-favorite, with two kinds of sesame seeds, and then proceed to sprinkle it on, well, everything.

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  • Pumpkin Spice Chia Seed Pudding

    Chia seeds plump up into pudding when they meet liquid (genius!). This version tastes like pumpkin spice (yum) and works as breakfast or dessert.

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  • Strawberry Chia Jam

    That chia plumping quality works for jam, too. This brilliant recipe allows you to make jam that’s free of added sugar and is filled with antioxidants.

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  • Grain-Free Lavender Honey Granola

    No choosing between nuts and seeds, here. You get almonds, cashews, and walnuts, and…pepitas! Pepitas, AKA pumpkin seeds, are rich in crucial nutrients like iron and zinc.

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  • Cinnamon Spice Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

    Speaking of pumpkin seeds, if you roast them with a little coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon, you end up with the perfect snack or a treat to top off your oatmeal or yogurt.

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  • Pumpkin Flaxseed Pancakes

    Important tip about flaxseeds: Unlike other seeds, you’ve got to grind these up in order for your body to access the nutrients. So, buy ground flaxseed and then add it to these pancakes. No problem, right?

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  • Perfect Spring Salad

    You can sprinkle hemp seeds on top of any salad for a little protein boost. Try starting with this one, which is bursting with fresh, spring flavors.

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  • Nut and Seed Bread

    With four different seeds represented, this one wins the award for seediest recipe. And not only does it provide gluten-free eaters with a way to eat bread, it’s ridiculously easy to make.

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  • Super Seedy Freezer Cookies

    Seeds for your sweet tooth? These yummy cookies, with pumpkin, sunflower, and hemp seeds, don’t even require baking.

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