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7 Streaming Workout Platforms Worth Subscribing To

The world of streaming workout platforms is currently pretty vast, and online gyms also tend to come and go pretty quickly.

But amid an ocean of unreliable options, there are a few standout websites that deliver the highest quality (fun!) workout content with expert instructors.

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Here, we share our picks for the best subscription-based streaming workout platforms for all different kinds of fitness tastes—from HIIT to barre. For this list, we’re not including device-required platforms like MIRROR or any of the millions of free workout channels on YouTube, just the sites that allow you to sign up for a membership to get sweaty at home or at the gym.

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7 Top Streaming Workout Platforms

  • Streaming Workout Platforms for: Variety

    1. Obé

    Obé offers live sessions with New York City-based instructors every day, plus a library of over 500 on-demand classes, including strength training, HIIT, dance, yoga, and restorative stretching. The best part: Signature sessions are 28 minutes and express classes are five to 15. So you’ll definitely be able to fit them into your day. If you’re into aesthetics, there’s also a lot of soft neon.

    2. Daily Burn

    Daily Burn is one of the OG online workout platforms and has lasted while many others have gone away, likely because of its large library of workout programs that allow you to make real progress. From cardio kickboxing to Pilates, you can sign up for a program, work your way through it, and track your progress with detailed stats.

    3. NEOU

    NEOU is a newer player on the scene and it broadcasts classes from its massive boutique fitness facility in Midtown Manhattan. Like Obe, it offers a live schedule and a huge library of on-demand options, like boxing, dance, HIIT, and barre. Most unique: It offers treadmill workouts you can use at the gym, plus meditation and mobility classes.

    (Photo: Obe)

  • Streaming Workout Platforms for: Dance Cardio

    4. AKT on Demand

    If you want to shake it like Shakira, this one’s for you. Celeb trainer Anna Kaiser offers an online version of her popular dance-cardio-strength training method, AKT in Motion. You can sign up for monthly workouts on-demand, or take it to the next level and register for extras like an eight-week transformation program with live fitness and nutrition assessments or a 30-minute live personal training session.

    (Photo: AKT in Motion)

  • Streaming Workout Platforms for: Yoga

    5. CorePower Yoga on Demand

    CorePower Yoga has studios all over the country, but you can also get your flow on at home. Its online library is helpfully organized by format (the three class levels, C1, C2, and C3, plus sculpt, which includes weights and cardio) and by length. So you can choose to browse 10, 20, 30, or 60 minute classes depending on exactly how much time you’ve got. Bonus: CorePower’s got a great library of one-minute tutorials that will help you execute poses correctly to avoid injury.

    (Photo: CorePower Yoga)

  • Streaming Workout Platforms for: Barre

    6. Xtend Barre Online

    Xtend Barre now has more than 40 studios around the world, but you can also work out with founder and celebrity trainer Andrea Rogers in your living room. The program includes 30-minute workouts for getting lean and building strength and even comes with an accompanying meal plan. And no, you don’t need to have a ballet barre at home to make it work (but hey, if you get really into it…).

    (Photo: Xtend Barre)

  • Streaming Workout Platforms for: Spin

    7. Peloton Digital

    Yes, we promised we wouldn’t put any workouts that required fancy equipment on this list. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten. While the Peloton experience is mostly known for the fancy bike, the company now offers a digital workout subscription that doesn’t require it. You can sign in to classes on whatever spin bike your gym stocks (or that’s in your basement). There is also a library of over 10,000 classes (with star instructors) that goes way beyond spin, like treadmill workouts, race training, bootcamps, and yoga.

    (Photo: Peloton)

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