By April Dupee

Beets: You either love them or you hate them. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to this vibrant veggie, yet beets’ impressive nutrient profile makes them a worthwhile addition to anyone’s diet.

For starters, you know that rich pink hue that gets all over your hands and countertops? Well, that intense color contains a group of health-promoting antioxidants called betalains.

Beets have also been linked to improved athletic performance and reduced blood pressure, thanks to their high concentration of nitrates. Dietary nitrates are converted to nitric oxide in the body, a molecule that dilates blood vessels and thereby impacts blood pressure and oxygen use.

While more research is needed to further understand the health effects of these beet compounds, there’s no denying that beets are filled with nutritious ingredients. Fiber-rich and high in vitamins and minerals, you definitely want to add this veggie into your diet.

Luckily, there are a number of creative ways you can eat beets that go beyond roasting. Whether you want beets to take center stage or simply lend their beautiful color, there’s an option for you. One thing all these recipes have in common: They’re super delicious. 

Creative Ways to Cook With Beets


Beetroot dip

Photo: Nutritious Life

How to eat more veggies: Pair them with this simple beetroot dip packed with nutrients and tasty fresh flavor. Simply blend beets with protein-rich yogurt, fresh dill, and a little EVOO for a satisfying dip that will brighten any table spread.


Are you a beet skeptic? You won’t even notice they’re in your smoothie thanks to the sweet flavor of your favorite fruit. Try recipes like this one from Nutrition Stripped and this one from Minimalist Baker for a tasty way to add more beets into your diet.


Make any dish Instagram-worthy with this vibrant and yummy beet syrup. Free from preservatives, added sugars, and artificial coloring, you’ll want to use this with everything from salads to cocktails to pancakes.


Switch up your traditional slaw by adding shredded beets. Try this simple recipe from Food Network for a nutrient-rich side or a topping in salads and sandwiches. 

Veggie Burger

Create a mouth-watering moist veggie burger, like this one from Fit Mitten Kitchen, with beets as the base. Their natural sweet flavor pairs well with the other savory burger ingredients.

Baked Goods

Sneak more beets into your diet by using them in baked goods such as these beet brownies from Fit Foodie Finds. Beet puree adds rich fudgy texture without influencing the flavor. Go ahead, convert the beet haters. 


Give your snacks a nutrient boost with roasted beet chips. Simply slice, bake, and watch as the beets crisp up into a satisfying chip. 


Bookmark this simple beet pesto (via Kitchn) recipe for your next pasta or pizza night. It may be easy to make, but the magenta hue is sure to impress.


Switch up your usual hummus with this beet hummus recipe from Love & Lemons. The roasted beets add a slightly sweet flavor and provide an extra dose of nutrients for a seriously healthy spread.  

(Photo: Shutterstock)

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