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How to Do Yoga (in Bed!) for Better Sleep


The only downside to trying celebrity yogi Tara Stiles’ approach to yoga for better sleep? Your significant other will have to give up some bed space for a bit.

That’s because these poses developed by Stiles (in collaboration with Lipton for the launch of Bedtime Bliss, an herbal Wellness tea) are designed to be done right on top of your cozy blankets.

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“Sometimes after a hectic day, it can be hard to unwind. Try this simple routine from the comfort of your own bed to shed stress and drift off to dreamland,” Stiles says. “You’ll feel different every night, so allow yourself to move at your own comfort level with each breath. How you feel is always more important than how the positions look. The routine is designed to be enjoyed, and the better you feel, the more likely you are to keep this healthy habit going.”

There’s science to back up the benefits of yoga for better sleep, too. One study found older adults who regularly practiced yoga significantly improved the duration and quality of their sleep.  And a review of research on yoga’s mental health benefits found there’s plenty of evidence that suggests yoga may help with sleep disorders.

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Want to get more shut-eye and wake up rested? Try moving through these poses slowly for five minutes before bed, following your breath.

Yoga for Better Sleep: 4 Poses


Seated Meditation

yoga for better sleep

Seated Side Stretchyoga for better sleep

Pigeon Pose

yoga for better sleep

Lying Down Twist

yoga for better sleep

Photos: Lipton

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