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The Coolest Healthy Kitchen Tools You Don’t Really Need


Plenty of healthy kitchen tools can transform how you cook by changing how you approach prepping all different kinds of vegetables or streamlining a process you repeat over and over.

A food processor, for instance, is game changing. A salad spinner makes the every-single-day task of washing greens take five minutes instead of 15. And an Instant Pot could have you abandoning your stove on many occasions.

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These tools are not in that category…but they’re really intriguing. Some are wacky and fun to watch in action. (The watermelon roller!) Many are so insanely specific it seems like a waste to allow them to take up space. (Ahem, how often do you find yourself in need of de-pitted cherries?)

But if you’ve got lots of kitchen drawer space and are a fan of produce gadgets, you are so going to love these. Check out the coolest healthy kitchen tools you don’t really need, below.

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6 Unique Healthy Kitchen Tools

  • 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

    While a sharp knife and a spoon work just fine, if you’re avocado-obsessed, you might swoon over this OXO tool that promises to “split, pit, slice, and scoop avocados safely and easily in no time.” (Wait, isn’t that 4-in-1?)

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  • Stainless Steel Windmill Watermelon Roller

    If nothing else, you’ve got to watch the Instagram video of this funky tool working its magic. It essentially rolls through the watermelon cutting the fruit into perfectly symmetrical cubes. Now, who’s bringing the feta?

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  • Garlic Press

    There was a moment when everyone was all about owning a press to quickly smush up garlic in all of its antioxidant-packed glory. But here’s the thing: If you want teeny, tiny pieces, you can mince. If you want more of a paste, you’ve got the flat side of the same knife you can smush it with. Still, some people like the feel of a lever.

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  • Cherry and Olive Pitter

    This is a pretty cool tool, but you definitely don’t need it if you tend to eat cherries and olives by simply popping them in your mouth. However, where it’s useful is if you’re making, say, a gluten-free cherry pie or cherry jam and you need a lot of cherries sans pits.

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  • Herb Keeper

    This may catch your eye if your herbs keep wilting the second you get them home from the farmer’s market. There are many ways to make them last longer without a special fridge container, but hey, anything that reduces food waste is a win in our book.

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  • Pineapple Corer

    Not a fan of slicing before you throw those pineapple rings on the grill? This tool essentially allows you to drill into the fruit and pull it all out in one piece.

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