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How to Stay Healthy All Summer In 4 Simple Steps


Summer Fridays. BBQ Saturdays. Sunday Fundays.  These are three very real things that may tempt you out of staying healthy while the weather is warm.

But I’m gonna tell you how to stay healthy all summer long and keep your wellness trail blazing longer than the dog days of summer. It’s easier than you might think!

How to Stay Healthy All Summer Long in 4 Easy Steps:


1. H2O & lemon: I have all my clients start their day with a glass of water with a wedge of lemon in it.

Anchoring your day this way starts you out with a feeling of accomplishment because you get the benefits of the water and good hydration.

The lemon is a great liver detoxification tool and the glass with the water and lemon floating in it can be a visual cue to remind you to eat clean all day long. A plain glass of water may not do that for you!


2. Save your skin: Summertime wreaks havoc on your skin. Did you miss a spot with the sunscreen? Forget to reapply? Find yourself a little crispy from the wind blowing on you at the beach?

Muh-muh-muh-moisturize! Scrub your bod down in the shower with a little castille soap and a loofah, then follow it up with a fair trade lotion with essential oils so that you’ll be restored, smoothed out and smell as yummy as you look.


3. Fire it up: Try a meatless bbq. Charred and blackened meats create heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which increase your risk of certain kinds of cancers.

Barbecued veggies don’t create these damaging compounds and can be delish. I love me some grilled mushroom kabobs, topped with sriracha and served in lettuce cups with a little grilled corn salsa along side. You won’t miss the meat. Promise.


4. Tuck in: Haven’t thought about your shut eye in a while? Good sleep improves your mood, gives your body a chance to restore itself from stressors from your life, ups your energy and keeps you lean.

Before you hit the hay, follow these tips to improve your shut eye and make the most of your unconscious time.


Keep these four things in mind all summer long and you’ll be ready to take on fall as the healthiest, happiest version of you.


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