What Do Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day?

Candles, flowers, beauty products. Okay, lots of moms probably want one or all of those things.  But often, on Mother’s Day, we just buy the “standard” gifts because it’s easy (and, um, we had a busy week and forgot to plan ahead, maybe?), and we don’t think too deeply about what the mom in our life might actually be longing for.

So, what do moms actually want on the day that is meant to honor them?

We’ve been discussing the topic, and the moms on Nutritious Life’s team have wildly different desires, almost none of which involved unwrapping presents. Maybe a mom wants a quality family day. Maybe she really needs alone time. One thing we noticed: how a woman wants to spend her day may be tied to the age of her kids.

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For instance, you know those “coupons” for back massages and breakfast in bed that you used to make your mom when you were seven or so? She needed those things way sooner. Moms that are nursing a newborn can’t really access alone time or get out of the house much, and they’re likely sleep-deprived, exhausted, and a little overwhelmed. Maybe they want (and definitely deserve!) back and foot rubs. Maybe they want someone to make them an elaborate, delicious dinner (or brunch, fine). Or maybe luxurious bath products are perfect in this scenario, so she can get in a relaxing soak during the baby’s nap.

Of course, all moms deserve a little pampering, right? But once babies become toddlers, they’re running all over the place and getting into everything. The mom of a four-year-old might just need you to watch the kids so she can have a day alone to go to a spa or a fun dinner or workout class with her friends. Often, moms miss having me-time to be the women they were before they were “moms.”

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Then, kids get a little older, maybe six to ten years old, and suddenly they can do a lot of things for themselves and spending the day with the family can be pretty chill. (Can. We said “can.”) You can do that whole “family brunch at a restaurant” thing without the floor under the table being covered in food scraps or go to a museum or show that’s fun for everyone.

Then, they become teenagers. Oy. Moms who are dealing with the roller-coaster emotions of 15-year-olds probably need…a vacation. Or at least a delicious cocktail?

Are you a mom? What do you think? What would really make you happy on Mother’s Day? What’s the best gift you’ve gotten or day you’ve had? Join in the conversation with us, on Instagram!

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