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What a Healthy Travel Expert Packs in Her Carry-On

By Emma Stessman

Traveling tends to mess with your regular healthy routine, but it can also relieve stress, invigorate curiosity, and boost happiness.

“I would never skip out on an experience just because it’s somehow a break from my routine,” says Rebecca Davis, founder and editor-in-chief of the wellness-meets-travel site The Glassy.  “I actually see value in stepping away from certain things, as it gives you perspective and can reinvigorate you.”

The trick to staying healthy while also embracing the adventure—in spite of germ-filled planes, fast food-lined airport terminals and the effects of jet lag—is to be prepared, she says.

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Davis’ pre-flight routine includes getting a good night’s sleep to maintain a strong immune system (in case of the dreaded coughing seatmate) and packing a carry-on bag filled with easy-access essentials that help keep her feeling great, even at 35,000 feet in the air.

Take a peek into the bag of this healthy travel expert, below, to see what she brings on board to get comfy, stay nourished, and solve mid-flight skin woes.

A Healthy Travel Expert’s Carry-On Packing List

healthy carry-on

1. EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes

“I’ve got a whole routine when I board a plane, and the very first thing I do is whip out a pack of sanitizing wipes and wipe down everything––my arm rest, my seatbelt buckle, my tray table, my screen,” Davis says. “The Glassy’s resident flight attendant admitted that planes really don’t get cleaned down very well, so it’s my first defense when it comes to staying healthy when I’m on the road.”

2. Juice Press Rehab Shot

“It’s hard to track down healthy, organic juices in airports, so I always pick up a ginger shot to take with me,” Davis says. “Fun fact: they’re small enough to fit in your TSA-approved baggie!”

3. SW Basics Salve

“I have dry skin to begin with and would deal with all sorts of sinus issues after flights because I’d feel so dried out––so ever since herbalist Melissa Parke Rousseau recommended applying salve everywhere (like, inside of nostrils everywhere) I’ve been taking this super-clean salve from SW Basics with me in my carry-on,” says Davis.

4. Collapsible Water Bottle

“At home I try to stick to glass and metal water bottles, but when I travel convenience trumps all—and collapsible plastic water bottles have changed my life, since they don’t weigh you down unless they’re filled with water, and are easy to throw in a suitcase or backpack if you’re tight on space.” Davis says.

5. Urban Moonshine Hit the Hay

“Some people are pros when it comes to sleeping on planes, trains, and cars. I, however, am not,” she says. “When I’m on a red eye and absolutely need to get some shut-eye, I’ll bring a travel-sized bottle of Urban Moonshine’s sleep aid.”

6. Fuzzy Socks

“I get very cold on planes and also like to kick off my shoes as soon as I’m settled into my seat, so I never board a plane without what I’ve lovingly dubbed my travel socks: a pair of beyond-soft, fuzzy socks,” says Davis. “I don’t wear them anywhere else, and never take them out of my little bag of carry-on essentials so that I always have them.”

7. Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Pack

“I’m that person who usually swings by Sweetgreen on my way the airport to ensure that I’ve got something I actually want to eat during my flight,” Davis says. “But, if I’m in a rush, have an early-morning flight, or just want to be safe, I always have a squeeze packet of almond butter at the ready. Apples, bananas, crackers, oatmeal… whatever I can find at the airport will taste 1000 times better with a squeeze of almond butter.”

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