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10 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram for Eco-Chic Style

By April Dupee

There’s a good chance your Instagram feed and inbox are flooded with tempting clothing sales and trendy #OOTD pictures pitching new must-have items.

Fast fashion—the rapid production of inexpensive clothing in response to the latest trends—has led to bigger wardrobes with quick turnover. While this approach can be super fun (obviously!), it also comes at a high cost to the environment.

For example, it takes 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton shirt (which is enough water to keep one person hydrated for two and a half years). And according to the EPA, only about 15 percent of discarded clothing and footwear was recycled in 2015, meaning the rest went to landfills. Consequently, one report found the clothing and footwear industries account for an estimated eight percent of total global climate impacts.

Here’s the good news: There are so many easy ways to shop more consciously and reduce the environmental impact of your clothing choices. Whether it’s buying items made from recycled materials, shopping vintage, or embracing minimalism, it’ll benefit the environment and your wallet.

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Ready to get started? Get inspired by these smart eco-fashion bloggers. With their tips, advice, and suggestions for sustainable brands, you’ll be able to look good while doing good.

10 Eco-Fashion Bloggers to Follow

  • @sustainablychic

    New to sustainable fashion? @sustainablychic is a one-stop shop for all things green fashion and eco-friendly living. Natalie Kay has an extensive background in the fashion industry, and she highlights sustainable brands that are ethically and mindfully made from all over the world. Plus, her approachable discussions on sustainable fashion will keep you informed and inspired.

  • @jillemathews

    This one is for the dudes, too. Jill Matthews is the female half of Sutton + Grove, a his-and-hers conscious lifestyle and fashion blog. Follow along to discover stylish eco-friendly brands and DIY tips that make dressing green easy.

  • @theconstantcloset

    Find your daily outfit inspiration here. Brianna shares secondhand and slow fashion finds in simple, everyday outfits you’ll actually want to wear.

  • @unmaterialgirl

    Ready to get creative? Leah combines her fun sense of fashion with practical tips and hacks to show you how to shop second-hand and repurpose items already in your closet. Bonus: She has amazing bangs.

  • @simplylivandco

    It’s one thing to want to live more sustainably, and it’s another to actually put it into practice. That’s exactly what Olivia is doing as she lives “a life with less but better,” with her family in an RV. Get inspired by her practical tips and guides for “tiny living.”

  • @aditimayer

    If you want more than some #OOTD inspo, then make sure you follow Aditi Mayer as she explores the ties between style, sustainability, and social justice. Her stunning photos and insightful discussion on the latest hot topics will encourage you to look beneath the surface.

  • @clothedinabundance

    Declutter both physically and mentally with Deb’s minimalist approach to fashion. Discover helpful tips and outfit inspiration to do more with less.

  • @shaesburns

    California-cool style meets sustainability with eco-friendly blogger Shae. Find unique sustainable pieces and styling tips that will help you feel like you’re at the beach more often.

  • @msbeltempo

    You know those clothes you never wear? Alyssa’s specialty is helping women “shop their closets” via helpful YouTube videos.

  • @callmeflowerchild

    After following Sally, you’ll believe in the promise of thrift-store finds. With over 95 percent of her closet bought second-hand, she shows sustainable fashion can be as affordable as it is stylish.

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