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3 Unique Popsicle Recipes You MUST Try

Abstaining from ice cream in the summer is worse than brain freeze. Worse than flavor envy. Worse than opening an empty carton of Ben and Jerry’s from your own freezer.

You’re afraid that if you open a pint, you won’t be able to stop at one scoop. If you hit the gelato, you’ll have sabotaged your day. And, if you hear the Mister Softy truck jingle one more time, you’ll go mad with deprivation.

You could look at ice cream as something sad that you once loved and will “give up” in the name of your weight and health goals, but that’s too much of a downer, if you ask me.

Instead, though, why not learn to LOVE your new favorite novelty? Focus on the can rather than the can’t. Take all of that negative energy and channel it into the love of your new bestie, the savory, icy popsicle! Popsicles are the perfect alternative when you are craving a tasty refreshing treat and looking for relief on steamy summer days.

And, begone the days of firecracker pops and frozen fruit bars. There’s a whole lot more pop in these homemade popsicles.

Try one of these unique popsicle recipes that will make you rethink popsicles altogether:

Banana Coconut Popsicles

banana coconut popsicle

Vanilla Almond Popsicles

Almond Vanilla Popsicle

Greek Yogurt, Goat Cheese and Honey Popsicles

Greek Yogurt, Goat Cheese and Honey Popsicle

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