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These Healthy Homemade Cleaning Products Actually Work


Scrubbing Bubbles? Hardwood floor cleaner? Kitchen counter spray? Toss ‘em all and try these homemade cleaning products, instead.

Why DIY your cleaning supplies? First of all, the ones you buy at the store are expensive, and we know you’d rather spend your money on fancy avocado toast and spa vacations (duh). They also take up tons of cabinet space, and if you live in a city, that’s a major issue.

The most important reason: traditional cleaning products are filled with chemicals. Some are associated with negative health effects; others are un- (or at least way under-) tested for long-term safety. In other words, if you can avoid them, why not?

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In the video below, Keri shares how you can make your home a whole lot healthier by ditching unhealthy chemical-laden products and making your own from simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.

You honestly won’t believe how simple the formulas are, and yes, they really do work. Will they cut through the worst grime build-ups and fill your house with an artificial scent that denotes “clean”? No. But in most scenarios, all you need is to wipe away a little dirt and bacteria and get on with your day.

Press play, below, to get started.

How To: 3 Healthy Homemade Cleaning Products

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